5 Best Cheap Grow Tents

One of the best cheap grow tents looking really nice in a room.Are you a beginner tent grower, you want to make some fat buds with a low barrier of entry? Thankfully, we can make this happen with this fantastic list of the best cheap grow tents! Just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean that they don’t get the job done.

Everybody starts out with a cheap little tent to experiment with, it only makes sense. Thankfully, I have assembled some of the best tents I have found online, available at the click of the button. With hands on insight from me and other users, you can make your mind up with more information.

Let’s start out with figuring out what kind of a tent you really want, and what makes a good grow tent? Once we answer these questions, it will really help you narrow down the perfect solution from this list here.

Product Lineup

Gorilla - Best Tent Overall

Nothing beats the Gorilla name. For those of you looking for a one of the best cheap grow tents, they made the Gorilla Lite Line. Still the same reputable brand, but at a great price.

Vivosun - Best in Popularity

Vivosun is a classic budget pick in every single way, definitely one of the best cheap grow tents in the world. The package is decent quality, very cost effective, and very popular. 

CoolGrows - Best Underdog

Definitely one of my favourites, although many people overlook this. Quite a clever design with good support structure and reflective interior.

TopoGrow - Best for Sizes

This grow tent is a good choice if you are looking for a lot of size options. TopoGrow gives you a full 12 by 12 foot option – nothing else like it.

OppoLite - Best for Price

Nothing else comes in at such an affordable price point, yet still has great features and quality. Definitely deserves to be one of the best cheap grow tents.

What Do We Need?

The first thing to consider is what do we need. Are we growing in a closet, in the attic, in the crawlspace? All of these have different dimension requirements, and perhaps special configurations for vent holes. You need to plan out how this is all going to work out to get the best growing tent solution.

Height – Plan out the height. Remember that although you might want to fit this tent in a really small space, you still need room to grow. On top of that, some lights need to sit as high as 30 cm from the plants, so make sure you leave room for that as well.

Ventilation Sockets – How many tubes are you going to be running into and out of your tent? Most people have an outlet for sure, and maybe an inlet for fresh or cooled air. Most of us don’t need more than that unless you are chaining together different setups or filtration / conditioning systems. If you want endless ventilation configs, check out either the Gorilla, CoolGrows, or Vivosun.

Size – If you are going to grow in a huge room, and want the best solution for that, you are going to maybe want the biggest tent you can find. For this one, take a look at the TopoGrow solution, which comes with the biggest tent configuration.

Accessories – Do you want a viewing window? A lot of people want one, or two of these. It’s something to consider. Some of the tents have pockets on the inside for storage, cool feature. All of them have removable floor trays but some suck.

What Makes these Best Cheap Grow Tents?

Many things make a good grow tent. The first and foremost of course is whether or not you like it and it fits your needs. Growing weed is all about doing what works for you, and so if you find a great tent that looks perfect for your setup, just get it and address any issues later.

Aside from that, there are very real criteria you could apply to a tent to see if it meets the mark. First of all, the reflectivity and thickness of the sheathing material. That’s important so no pinholes show up after frequent use, and your energy does not get wasted.

The sockets are an important feature of any grow tent because they seal up the ventilation tubes, and provide a nice stable environment. Most of these tent feature double sock seals, so that they are nice and airtight, providing adequate negative air pressure.

Zippers are a big deal on grow tents. You’re going to be interacting with these a lot, and so they better be good. On some grow tents, you want to use the zippers quite gingerly. If you are not able to do this on a regular basis, then I would recommend a higher priced one, at least this Gorilla or the CoolGrows model – those both have pretty nice zippers.

The structure makes a big difference on the overall performance of a grow tent. Some of them are completely made of metal. Other tents have some kind of plastic clips for the corners. In reality, most of these are pretty stable tents, even the OppoLite with plastic corner pieces.

However, if you are looking to hang a lot of gear off the top, definitely go with the Gorilla grow tent – that one might be the most trustworthy for structure.

Other than this, a tent is a tent. If it is sealed up, doesn’t have too many pinholes, and can support adequate weight, then it’s a good tent. Remember though, even if it meets all of these criteria but doesn’t work in your room, it’s better to get something that works for you.

Gorilla Grow Tent - Best Cheap Grow Tent Overall

The Gorilla grow tent is a classic which stands out among the other ones. Although – and I’ll be the first to tell you this – it’s over hyped, they still make good tents. The things which stand out about these Gorilla grow tents in particular are the extendable frame, fully welded and metal frame, intense canvas, and great seals.

However, it’s got its downfalls as well. For the price that you pay, you really expect a lot, and I think you deserve a lot. Unfortunately, the Gorilla grow tent comes up short on quality issues, especially for the high price. They do get back to people in good time, but it’s not acceptable to be having these issues at such a high price point.


This tent has a great design for structure. Everything fits together well, and is solid. I noticed that on a lot of the Chinese tents, the corner pieces – even if they are metal – are only welded partly. These Gorilla grow tents feature metal corner pieces which are fully welded. To go with that is the reinforced corners on the outer tent sheathing for extra durability.

Unfortunately, the extension piece is sold separately, but it does work well and serves its purpose. I don’t necessarily recommend anyone get it, because I don’t know why you would even want to grow weed that high.


When it comes to seals, the Gorilla Grow Tent has got you covered. It’s got two seals per port – one on either side of the port, so that you can maintain good air pressure in the tent. When both of them are tightly applied, there ain’t no air slipping through those cracks, especially with the nice material they use.

The placement of the seals is also well thought out, with plenty of options and different configurations to choose from.

Often times, seals are only big enough to fit 8” tubes, but these can go all the way to 10”, they are extremely big. This might be good if you want to use insulated tubing for sound reduction or something.

Quality of Materials

Seeing as this is the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite setup, quality is definitely a bit compromised, but overall good. The fabric is super nice and rugged feeling on the outside, and on the inside it’s extremely reflective with the nice diamond texture.

The zipper is metal, and the zipper track is also metal – very nice and quality. It’s got the light blocking strips on either side to lock everything in. Opening and closing them is a smooth experience, seems to be very durable.

All the stitching seems to be well done, with the occasional light leaks here or there, but that’s mostly to be expected. Overall, it seems to be a very lightproof and quality tent.


The windows work really nicely, they latch up and are covered with a piece of plastic so opening them doesn’t interrupt the air pressure in there. They Velcro up really nice, and it seems like the Velcro is going to last.

You can open practically the whole front of the tent to provide full access to the plants, which is really nice when you’re getting down to business. There are also Velcro straps which hold up the doors on both sides to help you.

The pouch located inside the tent is fantastic for the little things which don’t really have a spot anywhere else. I like to put my little lenses and tie downs and sticky tape in there. It’s a nice functionality which not all tents have, so I like it.


Premium materials and build quality at a pretty reasonable price – check out the Gorilla grow tent lite line. These things will grow you some primo crop and last a long time. The material is dope, the tent structure is rigid, all the seals are nice and tight, everything is pretty much on point.

I don’t think you’re going to get any better for this price point. It’s not as nice as the higher end gorilla grow tents, but it’s much much nicer than most of the other tents on Amazon. For this reason, I have to give it a #1 overall. If you are willing to spend a bit extra, this thing is definitely worth it.

Don’t be mislead into thinking this package comes with an adjustable frame – that is sold separately. Some people buy this and get pretty pissed off, don’t be one of those people!

Vivosun Grow Tent – Best Cheap Grow Tent for Popularity

When it comes to growing equipment, vivosun is a pretty big player in the field nowadays. They supply a whole bunch of equipment known for being cost effective but still pretty nice. This tent goes along with that motif. It’s actually really nice, with the all metal skeleton, nice welds, good design, decent material.

However, it is not hard to notice that this tent does not quite meet up to the same threshold of quality as, say the Gorilla grow tent. The floor basin is not made as well, and there tend to be a lot more light leaks all around the sheathing of the tent. Those are the two biggest problems you will face.

So, I guess you will have to answer, is the much lower price worth the little cut corners? If so, get this tent. It’s a good deal, especially for beginners, you will probably like it.


The structure is spot on – especially for the price point. In fact, these guys even went through the hassle of painting their support beams green. The corner joints are welded all the way, which is a really good sign. Everything feels really stable when its all put together.

Although it might feel like you need additional support bars on the top to hold up multiple lights, it’s fine. I’ve heard people supporting upwards of 40 pounds on the structure of this tent.

At the same time though, I wouldn’t hang more than 2 lights, a carbon filter, and a blower fan. On top of that, don’t get too much of an insane fan for this one. I have heard reports of it collapsing in on itself with a 8” inlet at like almost 300 CFM. Keep it at like 4” to 6” inlet for your own good!


Just like the Gorilla tent, this one features double ventilation sock seals, which is great to see. They latch up pretty nice, and the material seems like it holds up the pressure. The configurations are decent, but not the best. There aren’t any ventilation holes at the bottom, only the top.

The window and bottom holes seal up pretty nicely, the Velcro does the job. There is a little bit of light seeping out through the sides sometimes, but it’s not bad.

Quality of Materials

The quality is overall pretty decent. The poles are pretty sturdy, nicely made, clip together pretty easily. Outer tent material is relatively thick, feels good in the hands – pretty heavy. The inside is nice and reflective, but pinholes are definitely an issue with this tent, unfortunately.

For the pinholes, a lot of people use some kind of glue, or reflective tape. Both will do the trick, but I prefer the tape. It’s not guaranteed that you will get pinholes, but don’t be too surprised.

The stitching is done quite well. Sometimes you will see places where it could have been better. The zipper is made of metal, and it feels quite solid. The tray in the bottom does the job, but definitely feels a lot flimsier than the above Gorilla tent.


When you look aside from the little pinholes and the little bits of light leaking out from the Velcro window, this tent is pretty decent. The functionality is much like any other tent, with a few little frustrations.

You can tell that the zipper is a little lower grade, but it does function quite well. It’s got the covering on both ends to reduce light leakage, but the stitching on the side makes the whole effort a little bit futile.

It’s very easy to put the tent together, not much to it. This tent also features a bag on the inside to keep your stuff – great feature! The floor tray is nice, also very reflective, it does hold water well, so it does the job.


Honestly the Vivosun brand doesn’t shout “killer!”, but it does work. I wouldn’t ever advise anyone to buy their fans, carbon filters, really anything else. Maybe their ventilation ducting, that’s about it.

This tent is great for beginners however, undeniably. It comes in at a great price point, functions very well once it’s all put together – and pinholes are glued up. These tents come in a variety of sizes – some of them are little grow boxes, which makes this brand highly versatile.

For those who are looking to play around with growing weed in a tent, take a look at this thing. It’s a fantastic solution for starters.

CoolGrows Grow Tent – Best Cheap Underdog Grow Tent

You know what, this is a very underrated cheap grow tent on Amazon. Many people see that brand and thing, oh it’s Generic Chinese garbage, but it actually does keep up with the competition. In fact, I would wager it’s made better than the Vivosun tents, and comes in at a very nice price point.

It’s easy to set this thing up, features all metal construction, has a nice thick outer shell, an observation window, a decent little floor tray, all the bells and whistles. It’s pretty decent, especially when you consider their customer care. From what I’ve heard, it’s quite good – they get back to you pretty quick.

Unlike many other grow tents, this one actually comes with instructions! Even the easiest setups become infinitely complicated when there are no instructions to go along with. Let’s dive in to the specifics on this tent.


So the structure is really nice. Seems to be made of pretty decent metal, with most of the joints being covered in a weld. The various bars snap together quite well, and you can build the core structure within 5 minutes easily.

They include a lot of support bars for the price point, it’s actually quite surprising. For the 5×5 tent, for example, they offer 4 cross-bars for the top, which is just fantastic. This keeps the structure really stable no matter how big it gets. You wouldn’t expect this for the price point, but it’s nice.

You can hang some pretty serious equipment in these tents. I can see these accommodating 6” – 8” blower fans with ease.


Comes with double layer seals, with good stitching and very thick material. The seals tighten up very well to the ducting and don’t let much go through.

There are plenty of ducting holes on this tent – which again, is very nice for the price. We got two on both sides – one on the top and one on the bottom, with a hole in the very top of the tent – so that’s 5 vent holes, with an electric outlet, and the three rectangles. And that’s just the 3×3, so there is plenty of great configuration options with these seals.

Like I said, I know these things can handle 8” tubing, but I don’t know if I would go any above that. Chances are you would never do that with this kind of tent anyways. 

Quality of Materials

Honestly the quality is surprising, and in a really good way. The thickness of the outer tent sheathing is surprisingly intense. Although it’s one of the cheap grow tents, it’s a really good one, and the outside is thick.

This has a direct impact on pinholes – there’s a lot less of them. When you compare it to the Vivosun model for example, this one will generally ship with less pinholes. The inside seems to be just as reflective as the rest, with a 95% reflectivity rating.

The zipper is decent. They are “heavy duty”, but don’t live up to the name. Nevertheless, as long as you guide them past the thick light blocking layer which surrounds them, they zip pretty easily. If you don’t guide it however, then it might get snagged up. This is true for all tents, but more so this one, because it has such a thick light blocking layer along the zippers, which isn’t bad.


I applaud their willingness to create instructions, unlike many other manufacturers – but they still suck! They must be updated to include actual step by step instructions.

Once you actually have this grow tent together however, it functions very well. The configuration options are fantastic with all these duct holes, and they seal very nicely.

The tray at the bottom can be fastened to the poles, which is way better than the Velcro trays, those don’t stay in place.

The viewing windows is nice, it allows you to look at the plants without affecting the airflow or atmosphere in the tent. It works well, and fastens to the tent tightly, not letting out light.

The zipper is decent – just take it easy! Guide it through the light blocking material, make sure it’s latching properly, and you’ll be good.


This tent is really nice, definitely a top competitor in the best cheap grow tents category. It’s a great competition with both the Gorilla tent and the Vivosun tent. It’s good enough to compete with the Gorilla, especially at the price point. It’s good enough to straight up dethrone Vivosun, especially at this price point.

Honestly, all three tents are nice, but this is the underdog, and I support it. It’s a great little thing, gives you all the configurations you could want with the ventilation. Gives you great support for all kinds of lights and blowers hanging from the top, and functions well.

At this price point, you wouldn’t expect such a functional viewing port, zippers, and sock seals. However, what we get is an all-around solid package at a great price point. Very few light leaks, which is also an admirable feature.

TopoGrow Grow Tent – Best Cheap Grow Tent for Size Options

Check this one out, these guys from TopoGrow are clearly inspired by the motive “go big or go home”. The offer the biggest grow tent out of all these guys – 10 ft x 10 ft x 6.5 ft. Although this is the first grow tent to offer plastic corner clips, it also is the first tent to feature 96% reflective diamond-style mylar!

It comes with instructions too, but they also suck. Man, why can’t any of these guys include good instructions? Whatever, it’s not too hard. One day I’ll make a guide myself on how to put these together and post it here.

All of the stitching and work on it seem to be nice. Zipper is quality and everything around it feels nice. Overall, it keeps up with the best of them, competes with every price, and comes in so many crazy options.


Well, although it’s disappointing that it comes with plastic clips, don’t let it bring your opinions down too much. I still rock a tent with plastic clips, and although it’s not the best, I haven’t had any issues yet.

You’ll find that it seems shaky as just a bare bones structure, but upon putting the cover on, it becomes sturdy. Make sure not to stretch out this covering, as that is literally half the structural integrity. If it’s put together right though, this tent is nice and sturdy.

The top can sustain up to 40lbs, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. They say up to 20lbs per cross-joint, so that’s going to be 40 for most people. My studies have confirmed this – I’ve put just around 40lbs on there and although it did show, the tent was still stable.


Although it comes with plastic clips – this tent makes up for that by still coming with dual ventilation socks. I didn’t think that this would be the case, so it’s a pleasant surprise. They feel pretty nice, about as good as the rest of them. The stitching is nice and air tight.

The ducts are rated for 9” tubing, and they feature the draw strings for you to tighten everything up. This is going to be good enough for any one of us considering this tent, I wager.

The locations of the holes are not the best, there are going to be either two on one side, or one on the side, one on the top. This is true until you start getting into the 60”x60”x80” tents, which feature 3+ sockets.

There are little rectangle vents along the bottom, which are nice. Overall, the seals are good for beginners or those of us who can do with just two vent holes. You might have to come up with some clever configurations, but it can work.

Quality of Materials

The quality is nice – especially the outer sheathing of this tent. It’s at least 1% more reflective than most of the other ones, due to its superior mylar diamond patterning. It’s 600D thick, which is pretty standard, but it’s definitely nice and thick.

The zipper are definitely heavy duty – they are nice – and feature some actually really quality stitch work. The light blocking mechanisms get in your way less than some of the other tents I’ve used, which is fantastic too.

In terms of pinholes, I honestly didn’t see any, which is just actually quite amazing. Maybe I just got lucky on this one, but everything seems to be completely lightproof. Definitely a good quality process in the TopoGrow factory for pinhole avoidance.


For the price that this comes in at, it ticks literally all the boxes; quite an impressive little tent for sure. It manages to bring forward a sturdy, reliable structure, regardless of the metal clips. This allows you to hang all kinds of stuff on the top, customize it in all kinds of ways.

The vents bring the functionality down a little bit, they are not that customizable. You kind of have to make the rest of the room work around this tent when it comes to ventilation. Otherwise, you might have to turn it in a weird direction to make the vents light up. There are always solutions though.

The functionality of the zippers, stitching, and materials is spot on. Really good performance from all of these aspects. The stitching has really been pleasant to see, and the material is super shiny and quality on the inside.


TopoGrow has definitely carved out it’s place on this top 5 best cheap grow tents post. It has done basically everything right, and I don’t know how they did this for such a good price point. Kudos to them, it’s nice to see one of these companies trying to get it down.

The only things we can mention on the negatives are the plastic clips. Also, some people have reported poles with rust on them. Remember, it is still a cheap grow tent from China, so these things are to be expected.

Otherwise, if you’re a beginner, and want something really low price but nice, take a look at this thing. It’s got some decent features you can’t talk down about, definitely tries its best to tick all the boxes.

Oppolite Grow Tent – Best Cheap Grow Tent for Price

Welcome to the world of the Oppolite – a low priced tent solution fit for anybody! They come with some pretty cool tent configurations, which is why a lot of people like this line. They are OK quality, not the worst, not the best, but definitely worth the price.

Comes with the nice diamond style mylar, which reflects 96% of the light back. Really good specifications for such a tent. The sheathing is 600D, standard for tents like this.

There’s a nice observation window, but they only ever come with 1, even with the super big versions, which some people don’t like. The window is made with a green tint so you can shine your light in and not disrupt their sleep, pretty cool. The zippers go around the whole wall which allows you to get in there really well.


So technically this tent does come with a 100% metal structure. Upon closer inspection however, you can see that the corner pieces are not welded up as thoroughly as the other tents are. They are missing some weld around the sides, so I would imagine that they are a little less strong.

The corner pieces do snap together pretty good though, and everything seems pretty strong – until that weld snaps and everything comes crashing in. I haven’t heard any reports of that, but be aware, and maybe don’t put any more than 30lbs on this roof.

Seems to work just fine for holding up your standard lighting setup with a carbon filter and blower fan though. Don’t be too worried about it.


Well, this is the first tent which comes with only single ventilation socks. Don’t feel too bad though, I still have my starter tent from years ago going – and it’s only got single vent socks. It’s not really that bad. I would assume that only 5-10% more air slips through that vent sock. It’s not bad, this tent does maintain negative pressure pretty well.

The amount and placement of the seals is just like the above TopoGrow model. It’s either going to have two on the sides, or one on the side, one on top. So, unless you get one of the bigger ones, it’s just two vent holes.

They do have those pull cords to fasten up the ventilation tubes, so that’s good. For this tent, I would recommend a 4-6” vent solution, but I think these ducts can take up to 8.

Quality of Materials

The first thing I’d like to say is that this sheathing smells like it’s just come off the factory line. It definitely has a pretty strong scent to it, but hey, they made it fresh for you, can’t complain.

In terms of pinholes, there are few. It’s looking pretty good, not too many at all. Considering that this is an underdog tent, it does seem to perform quite well.

The zipper, while it is technically pretty heavy, didn’t look too special. I do treat it with caution when opening, but it feels alright. I can’t say anything about how long the zipper lasts, as this was never one of my tents, but treat it well and you will be OK from what I felt. They are functional.


Delivers standard grow tent functionality at a very competitive price. The green observation is tight, but it should be a little bit bigger, I think. Also, there should be more windows, especially on the bigger models – but hey, it is a cheap grow tent.

The structure is good enough to hold all your essentials, and then if you want to upgrade, maybe a few more LED lights and whatnot. It’s a functional setup but definitely not luxury. For such a nice diamond mylar interior, there were more little pinholes than there should have been.

Still holds negative pressure so it’s not that bad. The floor is pretty crap, I wouldn’t even try removing it, get your own pans for the water and just leave that thing in there permanently.


So that was the OppoLite series, a little known grow tent, but it definitely deserves #5 on my best cheap grow tents list. I like this one because it delivers a functional package for a great price. It almost aims to be middle of the line. They almost expect you to never remove the removable grow tray.

That’s what I like about it, solid tent, doesn’t hide what it is, and performs as it should. You can definitely grow some pretty nice bud in here. For starters, or those trying to maybe add a few tents to their setups, this might be a good opportunity.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying a place to grow, a lot of us are looking for one of the best cheap grow tents on the market. It’s often not really worthwile to go hard, spend $800 on a fresh tent. There are a lot of other items to spend that money on, if you want to invest in growing.

Consider getting yourself some really nice growing lights – probably the most expensive thing in a grow room, if you’re looking to really invest. These cheap grow tents will save you a lot of money that you can later invest in different aspects of the operation which will make your bud really nice and dank – nutrients and light.

I hope you guys got some inspiration from this page, check out some of these options and see if they work for you. Thanks a lot for looking, and happy growing. 

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