5 Best Grow Box for Beginners

What is a grow box? To me, it’s an enclosure – about the size of a mini-fridge – which can grow a plant, maybe two depending on the model you get. It’s supposed to be a good little solution for growing in a small space like a closet grow.

If that’s the kind of setup you’re looking for, then look no further. I’ve got three nice grow box kits which are great for beginners. If you would not like a whole kit, then my last two selections are just little bare grow boxes.

I’ve got some really exciting selections here for you guys though. Whether you’re looking for a nice clean growing solution, or a crazy multi chamber box, these little grow boxes have a lot to offer. All of them are small enough to create a closet grow too, very versatile.

Product Lineup

TopoGrow (2x2x4') Kit

With a 300 W LED light, and a 190 CFM fan, this TopoGrow package gives you a great starting point for any future little grow. Upwards of two plants in a small area.

Hongruilite (3x2x4') Kit

If you’re looking to go hard, take a look at this. You will be able to grow  perhaps two plants, and have a little propagation or cloning area, pretty neat!

BloomGrow (2x2x4') Kit

Another full package which features the same 300 W LED and the 190 CFM fan, but it’s also got a whole lot more, might be the best grow box for beginners.

CoolGrows (2x2x3') Bare Box

For those looking for a nice little base grow box, this is a great one. It’s well made, has a lot of vent options,  and is very small; check it out.

VivoSun (2x2x3') Bare Box

Much like the other base model box, this one offers the same kind of experience. While this one is more popular, I prefer the CoolGrows.

TopoGrow LED Grow Box Kit – Best Grow Box for Beginners Overall

Perfect for growing upwards of three plants at a time, this kit will definitely give you a good taste of what growing is like. It’s got a whole lot to offer packed into one little kit. For example, the 96% diamond style mylar – more reflective than many other boxes.

The fan and ventilation combo is pretty nice – quite a good air flow at almost 190 CFM. This will definitely make a good negative pressure. The LED array isn’t too powerful, but it’s definitely good enough to sustain 2, maybe three small plants. It is in a nice metal housing with multiple fans blowing air on it keep it cool.

Overall, this is a well-rounded package. Definitely very energy efficient, great for high-heat areas. These LEDs will barely output any heat, and the fan will surely suck out any excess. Great on your electricity bills for sure. Let’s dive in a little bit more into the specifications.


The light is good if you know what you’re in for. This is definitely a beginner set. It will grow you a good two to three plants, but don’t try for any more than that. It’s not going to get hot; it’ll probably last you a long time, and it will do well at sustaining those few plants, making a few zips of Kush.

If that’s what you’re in store for, then this is it man, not much else to say about it. The light is a purplish LED, so it probably doesn’t cover a very large spectrum. I see a lot of people make some good bud with these purple LEDs, but it’s not the most optimal light.


I think this ventilation system is overkill, and honestly you should try turning it off completely, maybe just getting a little duct booster. Supposedly this thing is 190 CFM, which is pretty damn intense man, especially for a little tent like this.

If you’re in a hot area, this is perfect, because it will ensure your tent is kept cool. Otherwise, consider getting yourself a voltage controller, so you can turn the speed of the fan down. That would be a great combination with this tent actually.

This LED panel is not going to output basically any heat, so in reality, you don’t need that much ventilation. Maybe open up one of the vent ports, and have a little fan running in there for circulation, that’s all you’ll need.

It’s still a good thing to have and set up though – for those warmer days, or whatever, you never know when you need it. It’s not a waste of money, it’s a great ventilation system, just giving alternatives.


The tent itself is decent, nice reflective material, standard 600D thickness, so that’s nice to see. The diamond style mylar is a step up, pretty nice and reflective. Floor tray is made pretty well, waterproof and functional.

Although the corner pieces are made of plastic, it’s still a solid tent. I had the bigger 5×5 version of this tent while reviewing it, and it was with the same plastic clips. That one was stable and this one is too. Once you stretch that sheathing around the metal skeleton, it’s nice and strong.

There are two support beams, which is good to see. Definitely enough for this little tent. Plenty of support for all this little of equipment.

The ventilation socket holes are standard, one on the top, one on the right side. It does feature two rectangular holes around the bottom as well should you need more ventilation options.

For the configuration this kit comes in, the tent provides a great foundation. It’s got just enough to get this setup going on the right foot.


This tent functions pretty well as one unit. Although, there are no instructions which tell a beginner how to put everything together. If you read my guides on ventilation and lighting though, you will see how these systems are set up.

Other than that though, everything is very well made and works well together. You might want to mount the blower fan outside of the grow box so you have more room to work with. Also, like I said, you could get a controller and turn it down; it doesn’t need to be going at full blast.

The zippers work well, nothing to complain about really. There aren’t many pinholes at all, the thing seems very well made.

To really get the most out of this grow box, you got to do some low stress training. Otherwise, the plant will stretch too high and start knocking into the light potentially.

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Overall, this is definitely the best grow box for beginners. It’s got everything to start you out, and at such an amazing price point. You can’t really beat this if all you want to do is grow two plants and call it a day.

However, if you are looking to upgrade some time in the future, it’s definitely going to be hard – you’re just going to have to buy another tent. Just keep that in mind, there is no way to upgrade this package.

That being said, it’s a good starting grow box kit for those who don’t know if they want to keep growing, if it’s for them. This will get you started off, you can see what growing is all about. If you like it, hey, buy another tent and keep the small one going.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this one. It’s one of the best grow boxes for beginners.

Hongruilite Grow Box Kit – Best Grow Box for Adventurous Beginners

This growing box is pretty cool, because it’s small but features a multi-chamber setup. It’s really impressive that you can now have a perpetual grow setup inside your closet. This tent gives unlimited possibilities in a very small space, so I just had to include it.

The only real downside with this one is that it doesn’t come with an kind of lighting or ventilation. It comes with a lighting timer, shears, trellis net, rope hangers, and a temperature / humidity meter.

It’s a pretty strange kit, but the only thing you really need to get is an LED panel. I honestly wouldn’t even bother getting a ventilation kit unless it got above 28 degrees C, or 82 degrees F. This kit will save you money, by not offering a ventilation kit. On top of that, it will allow you to get your own lighting solution.

Most of the lighting solutions these kits come with are weak. I’ll suggest you guys a killer light which will blow your socks off and give some nice light for your plants. This is a great kit for those adventurous beginners who want to go hard, have an upgradeable growing solution, with endless possibilities.


Seeing as this tent doesn’t come with lighting solutions, I will just go over some of the lighting solutions you might want to look into. First and foremost, use an LED setup for the main chamber, and then maybe some T5 bulbs for the smaller propagation racks.

For the LED setup, you can go as high as 1000W to be honest. In fact, if you really want to get adventurous, I would recommend you go with a powerful 1000W LED. You won’t be let down – you’ll be able to grow some straight dank in there with that solution.

Otherwise, go for a 400-600W lighting solution, but avoid the really cheap ones. Make sure you get lights which cover the proper wavelengths, or have a switch from growth to bloom period. Otherwise, the plant will be starved of necessary light frequencies during development.


Well, the last ventilation system was overkill, this one might be underkill. Whatever, this actually works in our favor, now we can save some money, and see if we even need a ventilation system. I would wager that if you’re using an LED array, even a 1000W one, all you really are going to need is a fan, so try it.

If the inside gets hotter than 28C, 82F, then consider getting a more powerful ventilation solution. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on how hot the inside is will dictate the solution. For example, if it’s only 30C or 86F or below during peak, just get yourself a duct booster – that’s all you need.

If you need a carbon filter and ventilation system for the smell, I got a lightweight solution for that. It’s a lot less overkill than the first grow box came with, it gets the job done and works well though.

The great thing about this grow box kit is that you get to choose what you want and if you want it. Ventilation isn’t necessary for all of us.


Much like the above tent, this one is also 600D with the diamond mylar, pretty nice. It’s got heavy duty zippers with good stitching; the design seems to be well thought out and the size is also perfect. Small enough to fit in a closet, but big and complicated enough to grow 2 cycles of weed at once!

However, there are a few things such as the crossbars which could use some work. I would recommend tying them down so they don’t slip around everywhere. Otherwise, they can actually slip off and damage your lights.

The canvas material is nice and thick, and there are little to no pinholes. I found a few, but they were small and very easy to patch up with some glue or tape.

The skeleton is completely metal, which is a nice addition. However, it’s not fully welded like some of the other products out there. Also, the middle tray on the small vegetation compartment could be more stable.


Overall, this is the best grow box for beginners when it comes to functionality. This grow box is fantastically functional, for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s small and can be put anywhere. Second, it’s got the two compartments, so you can easily do a perpetual grow in there with LEDs and T5s for very low energy cost. Third, you can choose your own light and ventilation system – if any.

On top of that, this kit comes with some really cool extra accessories that you will need once you do get the light setup. Also, the trellis net that it comes with is perfect for little grows. It takes away the need to do much if any training, because as long as you keep weaving the plant through the net, it will not grow up.

Everything works well in this package if installed right, and it could be your future weed growing heaven. If you’re a beginner, this will give you all the function you need to expand and also make killer weed right away. It’s definitely a cool box with a lot of possibilities.

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What a cool package this one is. I wish I started out with something like this, because it gives you endless opportunities to experiment. You can be growing some flower while popping seeds, keep experimenting with genetics and lights and all that. It’s the best grow box for beginners when it comes to versatility.

Make sure you get some nice LEDs for this one. At least 600W, and get a fan for both chambers. If the temperatures go above the thresholds I talked about, then get a better ventilation solution.

Like I said, this grow box is perfect for experimenting, seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. You will learn a lot with this thing.

BloomGrow Grow Box – Best Complete Solution Grow Box for Beginners

If you’re a beginner grower looking for a full grow box solution, then look no further than this product. This comes with basically everything you need minus the seed soil and nutrients. I mean, look at it, comes with the light, vents, timer outlets, filters, net, scissors, and even ratchet light holders.

So, this is truly the whole package, but how good is it? It’s pretty good, good enough to – like the first product, grow around 2-3 plants. This will also easily fit into your closet, providing a nice stealthy grow. In the kit you have a carbon filter and a fan, so you will be able to filter out all the smelly air easily.

How much can you really expect from such a setup? Well, I’ll honestly tell you, let’s break this down piece by piece.


Well, the light is a 300w LED, one of the purple ones. You can tell that an LED light is beginner when it’s got the purple hue to be honest. However, for a beginner, this could be a really nice starter package. Don’t expect to get monster yields, but you will be able to grow some decent weed, up to three plants.

If you want to, upgrading later is easy, and you could even run both lights at that point. LEDs are so energy efficient and produce such little heat, it really wouldn’t be much of a problem to do that. I would recommend going up to a 600W, and experimenting with running both, see how that goes.

However, to address the current package, it’s a nice light. They say that the light does produce both red and blue spectrum radiation – to support both blooming and vegetation. They don’t include any spectrographic data though so I can’t validate that.

This light should be good for your first few grows. The grow box is big enough to expand, so just do that later, and you’ll be good.


This ventilation comes with a ducting and the screw on bands to secure them in place. Also, this package includes a decent carbon filter which will get rid of the smell in your air. All of this ventilation equipment has 4” flanges, and the blower fan operates at 189 CFM – pretty decent for the size of this grow box.

All in all, this is a great solution for a starter grow box. Unless your weed turns out to be top shelf designer bud, the carbon filter will do a good job filtering out the smells. Everything is powerful enough and adequate for the size.

You definitely won’t have to upgrade this, even if you are going to upgrade the lights. This is plenty of ventilation for any LED setup. In fact, I would recommend a speed controller with this. It will increase the longevity of your blower fan, and reduce the noise, making it more stealth.


Once again, we got the 600D diamond mylar – seems to be a standard so far in this page. It’s 96% reflective, looks pretty nice and slick, feels good. I can’t see any major pinholes; it looks very nice in that respect. The stitching around all the seams is pretty nice – double stitched work. Looks clean and durable. The outer sheathing feels thick – pretty heavy.

It can be hard to set up because there’s no instructions, but you’ll figure it out. Assemble the frame, and then slide the outer sheathing on top of it. If you can’t, take out a few bars and try again when it’s not fully constructed.

The things that it comes with are decent. The timer is not digital, but once you figure it out, it works pretty well. The hygrometer is a little bit whacky; I don’t know. Many people have said that it’s messed up, maybe it is, sometimes it goes some strange readings.

Aside from that though, the trellis net is great for keeping all the plants low. Those ratchet straps work great with the lights, allowing you to pull up the LEDs as they grow. Definitely an essential.


This whole unit functions very well as a whole. It comes with everything you could possibly want to have a simple, slick grow box for beginners. This thing can fit in your closet or wherever, and deliver stealth results. Especially with a controller for your blower fan, slow that thing down a bit so it makes less vibrations. This makes your grow box even more stealth.

Maybe the components aren’t the best on the market, sure. You’re still getting a nice all in one solution for a pretty good price. This eliminates a lot of the headache, but it also eliminates some of your choice. If you want to start out right off the hop with a 600W light, or a 1000W, then look at my previous box the Hongruilite, or the next two bare-bones grow boxes.

Otherwise, if you want a great solid beginner pack, this is dope man. Everything works together quite well, and you will be producing in no time.

The only things you need now are seeds, soil, and some pots to put it all in. Other than that, all the functionality is here, and works well.

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This BloomGrow package sure does deliver a rounder grow box for beginners. If you are looking to grow in a box, then this is a great place to start. This can go in your closet easy, with no fear of overheating or smelling up the house. If you need more juice later on, then it’s got more than enough space for upgrades.

With the trellis net included, you will be able to easily train your plants and hold the kolas up once they start to develop. It’s a great little package for beginners to learn the ins and outs of growing in a grow box. Eventually, perhaps you will find space for a tent and grow in there.

Until then at least, this is a fantastic solution, and I would recommend it.

CoolGrows Bare Grow Box – Best Bare Grow Box for Beginners

If you’re just looking for a straightforward bare-bones setup, look no further. This is probably the best bare grow box for beginners. This would be a good purchase if you are looking to do a lot of customizing on your tent, there are just so many ventilation holes! Endless amounts of configuration.

This Cool Grows tent is very durable and well made. It’s also got an observation window with the green tint. All the edge pieces are completely welded together, resulting in a super strong structure. With the dual ventilation socks, you get a super airtight seal against all of the ventilation tubing.

As you can see, this is a fantastic barebones setup, and it can accommodate some serious configurations. Very well-built grow box, something to consider if you’re going bare.


Much like all the other CoolGrows products, this little grow box for beginners has a super nice structure. The green painted poles are welded fully, snap together nice, and create a very stable structure. When you put the outer sheathing on it though, the structure becomes even more stable and rugged.

This grow box comes with additional support on the top in the form of the crossbars. This allows you to put more heavy-duty gear either on top of or inside the grow box. It also makes the structure a lot more rigid.

Overall, the structure is top notch, can’t really hope for more from a little grow box.

Ventilation & Seals

The structure isn’t all that’s impressive. This grow box has so many options for ventilation settings, it’s almost daunting. There are 4 7” holes, two on either side; there is one 9” hole at the top, and there are two 3” holes, one on top and one on back. So, as you can see, this tent gives you a lot of variety.

In addition, they have the double sock seal with the pull cords. Those work great, very well-made mechanisms that hold on tight to all the air pressure.

This ventilation socket layout makes it possible to integrate this tent into other tents, or other air systems, like conditioners and heaters.

Quality of Materials

The 600D thick tent is nice and durable, CoolGrows has been known to be good with pinholes too, this product is no exception. Generally, people find the outside to be durable and well made. Diamond mylar gives it extra reflectivity to shine back 96% of light.

The zippers are pretty nice, you don’t have to mess around with them – they just work. Seem to be pretty durable, and what I’ve heard from others confirms this.

The viewing port is made very well, you can see through it pretty easily without distortion. On top of that, it’s stained green so your light doesn’t affect the plants as they are sleeping.


Well, if you’re looking for a grow box for beginner’s kit, then this might not be it. However, if you’re just looking for a bare grow box, this is a great choice. This will accommodate some pretty powerful lights, and a lot of heavy gear, with all the structural support.

Additionally, with all the ports it offers, you could make this into some kind of sleeper growing machine. I could see you putting 2000W of LED power in there, or even a 600W HPS if it was cooled right. This is very upgradable, high quality, works well for what it’s meant to do.

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This is all around probably one of the best bare grow boxes on the market right now. I really like it. You don’t get such a good mix of price point to quality to expandability and so on. It just ticks all the boxes, and does so at a very affordable cost.

If you’re looking to start a closet grow which isn’t hampered by having a weak light and un-customizable tent, get this. This thing can turn your closet, or any small space, into a little weed garden. Over time, you can add lights and features to it without problem.

VivoSun Bare Grow Box – Best Bare Grow Box for Beginners Alternative

The Vivosun is popular, and for good reason – it’s a reliable product, good quality. They got the ultra-reflective 98% diamond style mylar. That’s 2% more reflective than even other kinds of diamond mylar on common grow boxes. This makes the box green and economic by bouncing back the light rather than absorbing it.

The tubes are solidly welded, painted, they are nice and firm. It makes for a sturdy structure to build off of. It’s somewhat customizable, with four big ventilation holes. There are enough slots for some good customization.

Overall, it’s a great competitor to the CoolGrows grow box for beginners. This is a nice alternative, both of them are basically in the same league. Check this out, maybe you’ll like it more.


With the all metal structure, and the multiple crossbars on the top, this grow box is pretty solid. The corner pieces are fully welded, they look nice. The grow box will hold up just about anything you need to attach to the top, I would say 25-30 lbs. max.

It’s super easy to build this thing and put it all together. If you guys need instructions, scroll down on the Amazon page, you will find them there, near the top. Click the Check Price button below to go there.

Ventilation & Seals

Although not as versatile as the CoolGrows grow box, this one still holds its own weight. It’s got probably all the customization ability that you are looking for in a grow box. There is one on the top, and then three more on the sides, one on each side. It’s a pretty decent setup.

The seals are no doubt double sock, with the pull cords for tightening. Standard mechanism, works very well. The stitching around these parts is nice and holds in the air.

There are two little rectangle cutouts on the bottom, one on either back side, should you need to use those.

Quality of Materials

The thickness is standard 600D, but the interior shininess is definitely above the rest of the crowd. Usually, for a budget-oriented grow box, you don’t get 98% reflectivity, but this little box provides that to you.

This is especially great for those who are going to run some hard-core setups in there, maximize your energy use.

There are definitely a lot of complaints about light leaks, as good as the interior might be. Some people have so many pinholes it would take hours to patch.

Others don’t seem to have many problems. I don’t know, something you should know about. The zippers are decent but might have to be guided away from the light blocking material.


Overall, this is a well-made functional tent. It’s got a nice pouch on the inside to store all of your growing equipment; this is very useful. Comes in at a low price point with all the functionality you could want from a grow box for beginners.

The seals work very well, and hold the negative air pressure. There have been reports of big holes not allowing air pressure to be held, but I don’t think this will be a problem in a small grow box. Although, the high incidence of pinholes is a shame.

Aside from that though, everything else about this tent is nice. The grow window is pretty cool, but it does not feature the green tint, so make sure to only look at it during the “day time”. Otherwise, you will disrupt the plant’s natural cycle.

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I would say it’s a good runner up for best bare grow box for beginners. Maybe not as sturdy and durable as the CoolGrows, but it’s a nice tent nonetheless from a popular brand. Fits easily into any closet, and provides a good bare-bones grow box for building out a solid little operation.

With the 98% reflectivity, you can be sure that this tent will allow the plants to utilize as much of your precious energy as possible. The all metal structure with full welds makes it nice and strong, capable of being loaded up with additional utilities down the line.

The box comes to your door discreetly, so nobody knows what you’re going to get up to. Pretty cool little grow tent for beginners, take a look.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article is going to set you on the right path to finding the best grow box for beginners. All of these choices are reasonable, depending of course, on what you are looking for.

I thought that throwing in the kits will help you find a quick and efficient solution for your growing needs. If you are a beginner, a lot of people do like purchasing a full kit so as to take all the hassle out of the situation.

Let me know if this helped you, and if you’ve had any experiences of your own with these grow boxes. Thank you guys for reading, and happy growing!

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