5 Best Growing Tent Kits

A prime example of one of the Best Growing Tent Kits, such as you can find here.

Some of us want a quick turn-key solution to our growing needs. Enter the best growing tent kits on the internet. These tent kits are all adapted to giving you a great growing experience. They all vary in size, power, price, and all that – so there is something here for everybody.

One thing is common throughout all these tents however, they are all pretty damn good. You can’t really go wrong with any single one of these tents, it’s all about your needs and requirements. I’m sure that out of this list, you will find something which suits your particular conditions.

Let’s start out with the smallest, most modest tent, and end with the largest, most extreme ones.

Product Lineup

The Bud Grower 150W HID Kit

With a 300 W LED light, and a 190 CFM fan, this TopoGrow package gives you a great starting point for any future little grow. Upwards of two plants in a small area.

Hongruilite 600W LED Kit

If you’re looking to go hard, take a look at this. You will be able to grow  perhaps two plants, and have a little propagation or cloning area, pretty neat!

TopoGrow 800W LED Kit

Another full package which features the same 300 W LED and the 190 CFM fan, but it’s also got a whole lot more, might be the best grow box for beginners.

BloomGrow 1200W LED Kit

For those looking for a nice little base grow box, this is a great one. It’s well made, has a lot of vent options,  and is very small; check it out.

Custom 600W HID Kit

Much like the other base model box, this one offers the same kind of experience. While this one is more popular, I prefer the CoolGrows.

The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Growing Tent Kit

This is probably one of the highest quality tents I’ve seen on Amazon, it really is at least a few notches above the typical grade. For example, if you look at the stitching, you can see double rows on both sides, and they are nice and tightly sewn as well.

Everything is included in this system except for the nutrients, basically everything else is right there. I would recommend you look at our nutrients and watering page, get yourself set up with some prime nutrients. That way, you will be ready to go all at once.

Seriously though, this thing has got propagation stations, mason jars, gloves, an extension bar, everything. It’s the full package, the real deal, but how good is it? Let’s find out.


Comes in at a very modest 150 watt grow light fixture with an HPS bulb. That’s a good start, I guess. 150W is probably OK for 2, maybe three plants, but that’s about it. If you want to do more than that, maybe move along and get something bigger. A 2×2 tent can’t really fit more than 2 or 3 plants anyways.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade later. With the right training, and another like 200-300W LED array, you could grow some really nice bud, even in this small 2×2 tent.

It’s really up to you, for the form factor, for two plants, 150W kind of makes sense, although even then it’s on the lower end of things. It does produce good light though. The HPS is more yellow-red spectrum, most suitable for flowering but also works decent for vegetation stage.


You know what’s impressive? This ventilation setup. It’s actually a really nice high-quality setup, especially from a growing tent kit. Although the system is only 4” ducting and flanges, and pushes at only 200CFM, it’s got some cool features.

For example, it comes with the 5-speed controller, and the growing tent kit also comes with an oscillating fan. Together, these things make a very nice, full, completely controllable ventilation solution. I really like the fact that they threw in the speed controller, that is a nice touch.

On top of this, of course, you also get fitted up with a carbon filter. Seems like a nice enough filter, looks like it’s quality. It does seem to filter the smells out well enough too.


This tent is really nice quality. You can tell from the stitching and the feel of the material that it’s been made with precision. It’s definitely a notch above the rest in terms of quality. The inside is nice and reflective, the material is thick and heavy, feels good.

In terms of ventilation holes, it’s got quite a few, so you can choose the best ventilation setup. This grow tent features two sockets on either side, and then one on the top as well. There are rectangles around the bottom for additional air flow.

It comes with the double chamber ventilation socks with the pull to tighten cord. All the threading on this one is immaculate, really nice.

With a full metal structure and fully welded corner pieces, this tent is stable and rugged. The thick and durable sheathing only adds to that.

Material and Accessory Quality

A lot of grow kits just give you a bunch of junk but I think these guys really put a lot of thought into this. They offer just about everything but the seeds and nutrients, everything fits well together, the package is very compelling.

The soil, for example is perfect for growing weed. It’s got really good drainage, but also a decent amount of retention. You even get those rapid rooting cubes for popping seeds, or for doing cloning projects.

This tent offers you a world of possibilities, lots of potential experimentation with just what’s here, for a pretty decent price.


Very functional setup. They could have included some nutrients I suppose, maybe at least a few trial bottles or samplers. That would have really completed the full thing and made it practically turn-key.

Other than that, the light could be a little bit brighter. I mean, 150W isn’t going to get you very far. Maybe you will be down to do one or two grows with the 150W, but after that it’s either got to go, or you need to get an additional light.

Everything else here is pretty solid though, I like how they include the mason jars for the end product – pleasant touch lol. Hopefully soon though, you will be growing more weed than just three mason jars lol. That’s a pretty solid first grow though, no doubt.

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Alright, well that was the Bud Grower 2 ft x 2 ft x 5 ft growing tent. It’s a good starting tent, very well made, it comes with just about everything you could want to start off a solid grow, and even a few extras.

If you are looking for a little tent with a small footprint but still big capability, this could be it. After a few successful grows, add a 600W-1000W LED in there, and man, you will be off to the races. It’s nicely customizable with the vent holes, so you can add more ventilation later if need be as well.

If you need something bigger than a 2 ft x 2 ft, which I don’t blame you for, keep looking, there’s something here for you. Otherwise, this is a great choice for small tent lovers.

Hongruilite 600W Best Growing Tent Kits

Well, this is a pretty decent option for those who want a little more light and space. Although, you must remember that a 600W LED is really not much more powerful than a 150W HPS. I mean, it still is, but a lot less so than you would initially imagine.

Anyways though, this is still a nice one – it’s a bit bigger, has the necessities, and a little bit of a more powerful light. The quality is still there, and I know this company makes fairly trustworthy gear.

Although it doesn’t have the same full-kit appeal as the previous tent does, it’s got a good basic setup. Besides, the rest of the stuff you might want to get by yourself anyways.


This is supposedly a full spectrum 600W LED light panel. It does seem like there are indeed different kinds of diodes on there. Some of them are very yellow, some seem infrared, others are blue and red. The question of how good the diodes themselves are remains unknown, but it does seem like a nice light.

From what I’ve seen, people do get pretty decent results from these lights. I can see it working very well with 3, maybe 4 plants, but you could be pushing it at that point. I would start with 3 plants, see how that goes, and scale up, maybe buy another 600W LED and go hard, whatever.

This 600W panel is a good start though. It’s got fans in it blowing air, metal cover, it’s good.


The ventilation package is decent. It’s definitely good enough for this 3×3 tent, but it’s nothing special at the same time. It doesn’t have the speed controller, but everything else is there.

The blower fan has got a 4” flange, and so all the rest of the ducting, and the carbon filter flange is 4” as well. The carbon filter seems to be ok, it’s pretty standard looking, decent specs in terms of carbon density and thickness, seems to do the trick with the smells.

In terms of performance, the blower fan is 189 CFM of air moving capacity, and actually runs quite quietly. It’s an efficient and stealthy little machine, perfect for this sized tent. Paired with the carbon filter, you’re off to the races.

I think the carbon filter is the weakest link. It dies within like 8-9 months tops, but yea. It’s not bad to get you started, and it still does filter a bit, but not nearly as well. My usual carbon filters last around 2-4 years.


The tent itself has a sheathing which is made of the standard 600D lightproof cloth. The inside is a reflective mylar, diamond patterned, 96% reflective. Not too bad, no problems with pinholes or any kind of leakage around the tent material.

The frame is put together really nicely with some good materials being used. Everything fits well and it feels sturdy upon construction.

The instructions to put it together suck like all the rest, but it’s not very hard. If anything is missing, customer service from this company is usually quite responsive.

Material and Accessory Quality

The quality is not bad, but not the best. Especially the carbon filter and the fan, they are not particularly amazing. They do the trick though, and you can always upgrade at a later time. For a starter tent, it’s a good value.

The light is decent quality, seems like it could last a long time, stays nice and cool, does the job just fine.

The ducting is, well, ducting. Strapping is included for the carbon filter to be secured onto the top. There is a crossbar on the top for you to attach things to and help with weight distribution.

Tent quality is good – it will definitely last you a few years. The cover seems well made, structure is strong, can’t complain about that.


Although it’s not a full setup like the last one, it’s still quite functional. There are lots of good soils out there, perhaps you would like to choose your own rather than get one in a package. For those who want a simple little growing tent kit, this is it.

Most people say that functionally this can only handle two plants, but I know you can put three in there. In fact, I grow 4 plants in my 3×3, so I don’t know, it just depends how you do it.

This tent gives you good room to grow for the future. The ventilation is good enough to carry the heat out if you got another LED panel, so that’s always an option.

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Nice package all together, I would recommend this above the previous 2×2 tent. Even though the previous tent was higher quality, this one is going to allow you to upgrade a lot more in the future, get bigger yields, and grow up to 4 plants like I do.

With a 2×2 tent, you’re stuck with 2 plants maximum, and limited yields. So yea, it really depends what you want. If you want something even more intense than this tent, then I do have some more selections which will knock your socks off.

We haven’t even dived into the big boys yet, so let’s go visit this 4 x 4 growing tent kit that I really like.

TopoGrow 800W Best Moderate LED Growing Tent Kit

Kicking it up just a little bit further is this 4 x 4 tent which comes in with a nice 800W LED array. This is the kind of setup which can sustain a good 4 plants, make some nice buds for you. It’s only a little kick above the last tent in terms of wattage, but the bigger space does make a big difference.

This one is a lot easier to upgrade in the future for easy up to 2000W of LED power. Me personally I have a 600W HPS and a 1000W LED in my 4 x 4 tent. A lot of people say that’s too much, but my plants seem to like it. Plus, scaling back is easy with a dimmable ballast.

At any rate, this is a great growing tent kit if you want to really start off with a bang. This package is sure to get you off on the right foot, and make your growing fantasies come true.


The lights are what this package is all based around, aside the tent. They are supposed to emit a full spectrum of light. The actual power consumption is 210W, and the panel is made up of 4 individual 200W LEDs.

Seems to be a nicely put together panel. It is cooled by multiple little fans in the top, covered by this nice metal shroud. The whole thing is pretty nice. Not the best, but definitely a really solid start. I question how much of a true full spectrum they are, but hey, I’m sure it tries.

The lights may seem freaky – why is there four separate ones!? Well, they work together to better distribute the light, and actually leads to better plants with higher yields. Also, it’s easier to cool them when they are apart like that, so that also helps.

Good lights to get started with if you want a good 4 plants in your tent right away.


In this system, the ventilation does NOT mess around. This is the first growing tent kit which has a 6” ventilation system. And it’s pushing 460 CFM, which is a very respectable, she’s got some balls. This thing will cool down your tent no problem, but it won’t have to work hard against the cooled LEDs.

The carbon filter seems like it’s decent. I read the specs and it’s nothing special, basically the same carbon filter that comes with most of these tents. However, the inline fan really does go hard, which is good, because you want that highly negative pressure.

This helps with future growth, because you know that even if you add a 600W HID, you can still keep it cool enough with all that CFM.


Well, the tent is OK I suppose, but nothing too special I must say. First of all, it’s got the plastic push-together corner pieces. However, it does look like it’s structurally reinforced pretty well, so at least they have that.

It’s got some support beams in the top to help with the structure, and let you hang additional devices from the top. It works well, keeps everything stable.

The ventilation holes are OK, there is one more than the absolute minimum of two, so you have a little bit of customization with ventilation tube placement.

It’s easy to get this one up and running, just a standard installation. Everything fits together. The instructions are present, and not too hard to follow. Setting up ventilation and lighting can be found on my How to Grow page.

Material and Accessory Quality

Overall, I think this package has got some pretty good quality. Although the carbon filter is the same generic one, the inline fan rips. Also, the LED panel seems to give out a nice array of frequencies, with some pretty powerful diodes.

The zippers function well, they seem to be pretty heavy duty. I haven’t seen too much in terms of pinholes or any kinds of deformities on the exterior.


This is probably the most functional setup we have reviewed so far on the page. It just keeps getting better and better. This is the growing tent setup which will allow you to get a good 6-8 ounces with enough practice. Maybe even more in due time. It’s a pretty powerful setup which can take you a far way.

Future additions are more than possible with the additional crossbars on the top, crazy strong inline air blower, big size of the tent, and additional exhaust hole. Definitely a great growing tent kit to look into if you’re looking to go big off the hop, with plenty of room to expand.

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So far, this has been the most powerful package. It’s got a lot to offer, and comes at a very competitive price point. This growing tent kit will take you from zero to hero, and it only takes a day to get it going well.

The 4 x 4 tent size is perfect, because it gives you a lot of room to mess around and grow your crops. If you have the room in your house, definitely look into getting at least a 4 x 4.

If you’re looking for something even more powerful, oh just you wait, the next product is something really special.

BloomGrow 1200W Best LED Growing Tent Kit

Oh hell yea, this is what dreams are made of. This tent here, once you plug it all in and flick the switches, will knock your socks off. The LED panel looks like it’s a piece of alien technology, and it shines as bright as one too.

The tent is big and vast, with plenty of space, decent amount of ventilation options. The inline blower fan and the carbon filter are literally the same ones as from the last product. I think the only thing which is actually different are the lights and the tent.

Let’s dive into it and see how this thing is special.


The most exciting part of this package is without a doubt the crazy looking – and powerful – lighting assembly. Right off the bat, I can tell you that this has a very impressive range of wavelengths created. This makes an ideal environment for growing both during the flowering and the veg stages without having to change lights.

In addition, they are extremely quiet because there are no fans on this model! You might think that would cause the assembly to overheat, but that’s not the case. The reason it looks like an alien space ship is to actually enable passive cooling by distributing the heat and increasing the surface are exposed.

If the lights are what makes this growing tent kit special, then it’s definitely doing something right. I’ve never seen anything like this lighting array – it’s really cool. I bet you could grow 5, 6, maybe even more plants with this one. It’s impressive in basically every way, pretty cool.


Well, there isn’t really much to say about this one to be honest, because it’s the same gear as before. 460 CFM fan, with the typical charcoal filter. I mean, it works pretty decently, but I think this carbon filter is not going to meet up to what the blower fan is going to hit it with.

I mean, imagine having 6 or 8 budding plants in that tent, I don’t think this carbon filter is up to the challenge of filtering that air. You might need to get a better filter somewhere down the line, especially when it’s filtering so much air at once.

Comes with the hose fittings so you can clamp the whole system together. It’s going to work well for a while, especially the blower fan, but the carb filter is the weak spot.


This tent is a little bit taller than the other one, but it’s the same 4 x 4 floor size. This might be important to you, it might be not. Gives you a little more headroom anyway, but it doesn’t do much.

The corner clips are once again, unfortunately made of plastic. They seem to be the same plastic corners as the last grow was using. Pretty durable looking, but plastic nonetheless.

Decent amount of ventilation holes, some really big rectangular holes at the bottom, especially the one in the back. This is smart design decision; I like seeing the rectangles – especially the big ones in the back. The tent’s back is usually against a wall so that’s the best place to open it up.

Otherwise, the tent works well, it’s got nice little zippers, opens up half of the tent for nice easy access to your plants.

Quality of Materials

Once again, we got the standard 600D 96% diamond style mylar interior. About the same as basically all the other ones – reflects pretty nicely. Everything is stitched up double, and it looks pretty good. Light leaks are few and far between, and the tent holds pressure nice.

The accessories are good – light is nice, blower fan is decent, but the carbon filter could use some work. For the amount of plants which should be in this tent, and the power of the blower fan, this tent really should have something less generic filtering out the smell. Might become a problem later.

Everything else is spot on, definitely a quality grow tent for a fantastic price. Your friends will see this setup and will know you’re not messing around.

The zippers are pretty nice, you don’t have to mess around with them – they just work. Seem to be pretty durable, and what I’ve heard from others confirms this.

The viewing port is made very well, you can see through it pretty easily without distortion. On top of that, it’s stained green so your light doesn’t affect the plants as they are sleeping.


Very functional setup. With the added height and added wattage from the last item, you will be able to do some insane growing in there. Very functional setup with a lot of room to customize your ventilation system. Lots of holes and rectangles on both sides.

Light is extremely functional, puts out an insane amount of light but only eats up around 240W of light, so that’s a pretty efficient bulb. Some people think it’s misinformation but no, these LEDs produce 1200W of light, they are efficient.

Of course, the blower fan is very functional, just rips through the air. Gets the job done very well and also allows for future customization. More heat can easily be exhausted from the tent with this fan.

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Well, that was the best LED package we got for you guys. That 1200W of straight LED energy beaming right at your weed plants. Dramatically improves the density and quality of your nugs. Allows you to grow more plants, and get through veg state quicker.

It’s definitely a good way to go if you want an LED panel in a nice 4 x 4 tent. This solution is very powerful, I doubt you will want to upgrade this one for a long time. However, it would be easy to throw in a 400-600W HPS, or another 1200W LED panel, and go all out.

If you want a big tent with a big HPS solution, I made a tent for you guys. That’s right, I made the perfect 4 x 4 HPS growing tent kit. I couldn’t find anything too good online, so I put together a little package, find that below!

Custom 600 Watt HID, Best Growing Tent Kits in Power

Alright, I’m excited to show you guys a kit that I put together from some of my favourite gear. I don’t see too many people packaging HID bulbs in with grow tents, so I decided to make an HID based package. This thing is pretty awesome – it’s got some top notch components. I doubt you’ll have to replace any one of these things for at least 2 years.

So what do we have here? An Opulent Systems 4 x 4 grow tent, with a Hydrofarm 6” 400 CFM Blower fan, a 6” TopoLite carbon filter, iPower 6” 8 foot of ventilation ducting, and an iPower 600W HPS MH grow light kit.

You put that all together, and you know what you have? A sick setup with endless expandability. You could easily put a powerful LED panel in there to boost the power, make the buds even denser. This tent is pretty dope, so let me take you through the specifications in more detail.


So first and foremost, the lighting solution. I decided to go for the iPower 600 Watt kit. This includes a whole bunch of things – a high pressure sodium bulb, a metal halide bulb, an on/off timer, ratcheting ropes, the wing reflector with socket, and a dimmable ballast.

It’s the full package, and it has a super nice price point. On top of that, I haven’t heard anything bad about this lighting setup, everybody loves it. Not only is this durable and ready to last you a while, but it’s also not just some basic garbage.

For example, dimmable ballasts are a sign that it’s a little bit above the average line. They are very handy and useful, when it gets too hot, or it it’s too bright for your plants, whatever. Dimming down the ballast is a great way to save hydro as well.

It’s a nice package, especially with the timer, very nifty all in one, doesn’t get better.



For the ventilation solution, the cornerstone of it is the Hydrofarm 6” inline blower fan, which runs at 400 CFM. Surely, this thing is hard core, and it’s also known to last a long time. I know people who have been running these for years. I as well have been running one of these for a few years now.

Unfortunately they aren’t the quietest, but I do have an article about how to soundproof the grow room, which covers that. It’s a very powerful solution, definitely going to do your tent a lot of good.

For the carbon filter, I just got these generic TopoLite 6” air filters. They are decent, and I made sure that this model was rated for up to 400CFM air flow – it is. Pair this with the Hydrofarm 6” blower fan for a pretty sweet ventilation setup.

Comes with a pre-filter, and the ropes to attach this unit to the top of the tent.


To connect these things together, use this iPower 6” 8-foot non-insulated ducting. It does the job, and it comes with the two hose clamps required to properly connect everything up. 


This Opulent Systems 4 x 4 x 6 ft tent is really a beauty. For the low price, I think it’s the best growing tent hands down, and so I had to use it in this package. The materials is super nice, feels a bit different than the other ones. Also, the inside is 98% reflective rather than 96 or 95%. Everything is completely metal, even the top crossbars. Supposedly they can each hold just over 100 lbs, but I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to try that. Seriously though, the frame is really sturdy, everything is prime. Instructions are included and they are actually really good, easy to put everything together. Got that double ventilation socks, for air tightness. The zipper feels and looks very nice, high class. You can unzip it pretty quickly without being scared of the whole thing falling apart. There are ventilation holes everywhere, and rectangles covering the bottom as well.

Material and Accessory Quality

Well considering I hand picked all of these things myself, I truly believe in the quality of all this stuff. In fact, I have seen, touched, or even used all of these things personally, and they are all great items. Put together, you have a super powerful setup which will grow some seriously dank herb.

The lighting and ventilation are usually the weak points in a growing tent kit. Here though, they are the shining stars of the kit! On top of that, the tent comes in with some major backup, being as functional and durable as it is.


All right so this is a super functional set up, obviously. Everything fits together great. The ventilation system is more than adequate, and manages to cool down the otherwise glowing hot HID bulb very well. The carbon filter is rated for 400CFM and filters perfectly fine.

If you are wanting to upgrade this setup later on, it’s really easy. All you need to do is get an LED panel, and see how that treats you. I would recommend anything up to 1000 Watts. I haven’t went above that when combined with a 600W HID myself, but I think that would be a bit overkill.

Anyways, there are so many setups you can create with this, plenty of ventilation holes. The Hydrofarm inline blower fan creates more than enough air current to provide negative pressure to even two tents, if you want to do a perpetual grow.

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I hope you thought that my setup is as amazing as I think it is. If you had to pick one setup on this whole page, this one would do you the whole good. Even for a beginner growing tent kit, it’s a decent pick, I started out with a tent much like this, but with a 4” blower fan.

This one offers expandability from the insane fan speed and the high amount of ventilation ports present. Together, this tent can become anything you want it to become as you grow as a grower in the future.

I promise this won’t let you down. If it does, you can send me a really angry letter, and I’ll deserve it lol!

Final Thoughts

Getting started with growing has never been easier with this selection of the 5 best growing tent kits, including one put together by yours truly!

I think there is something here for everyone. Whether you are looking to do HID or LED, high power or low power, extravagant or just plain normal. 

I hope this has helped you make a decision, and perhaps even took a load off your mind. If you are really adventerous, you could perhaps take my custom build and swap out the parts that you don’t like.

For example, you could substitute the HID for a powerful LED panel, a lot of people prefer those. Then you could also downgrade to a 4″ inline fan or so, and you will still be able to evacuate the heat really well. 

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