4 Best 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setups

Big buds growing in one of the best 2 x 2 grow tent setups.

So you’re looking for a dope 2 x 2 grow tent setup? Look no further, I got some kits on here which are sure to please all of you. There is something here for everyone. I have anything from a 150W HID setup, to 300W LEDs, to even up to 800W LEDs! The ducting and ventilation are scaled up as needed, of course.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a painless 2 x 2 grow tent setup, I’ve got some of the best ones on the market on this page. They do the job pretty well, are highly reputable, and have a loyal fan base.

The first product I got is a full turn key solution, it’s really one of a kind. From The Bud Grower, we got a complete 2 x 2 tent production package.

Product Lineup

The Bud Grower 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

This is your best case scenario for finding a comprehensive, 2 x 2 grow tent setup that’s got everything you need to get going. All the parts go together very well, and it’s a quality kit from a trusted supplier.

BloomGrow 300W 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

For those who want an LED light instead of an HID, this is a good alternative. It’s got about the same amount of actual light output, and therefore uses less electricity, makes less heat. It’s a cool choice.

GreenHouser 800W 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

For those looking for a more cost effective solution, this is a bare-bones kit. It’s definitely a decent 2 x 2 grow tent setup though, gets you started at least, add to it later.

TopoLite 600W 2 x 2 Growing Tent Kit

This is the cost-effective alternative for the best 2 x 2 grow tent setups. It comes with a few extras, which is cool, but the light is a little less powerful. 

The Bud Grower 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

If you’re new to growing and want to start off with the least of effort, this 2 x 2 grow tent setup will get you on the right path. It comes with literally everything you could possibly need to grow weed, and then some!

Forget filling your cart with 15+ items, and then going out for more, this is basically it. From the pots, to the soil, to the entire grow kit, and even the mason jars for the end product! This kit has everything except for the nutrients and the seeds.

If you’re interested in a turn key 2 x 2 grow tent setup, then let’s look a bit at what it comes with.


One of the only setups on Amazon featuring an HPS bulb for some reason. They are hard to come by nowadays, I guess people think they are old-school. No, they are not, HPS bulbs provide some of the most pure and intense light energy you could imagine. They emit a yellow/red color light, perfect for blooming stage, but also good to carry out vegetation stage.

It’s only 150W which isn’t a lot, but it probably emits as much real light as a 400W LED at least, I’m thinking. HID bulbs do emit a lot of light, they suck the entire wattage rating out of the wall and shine up that bulb hard.

I think this is a good investment if you’re looking to get started with HID bulbs. For a 2×2 tent, this thing will do for 2 plants, that would be the optimal setup. If you want to try pushing three you might be able to, but I’d get another light for that.


For this package, the ventilation isn’t anything special. It’s just a little 200CFM kit, 4” flanges on the carbon filter and the inline fan. Although it’s just a 150W HID, it can get pretty hot, especially in such a small space, and 200 CFM isn’t that much. If you live in a really warm place, I’d be weary about whether or not this will be enough ventilation.

Should be OK, unless you’re in a super hot climate. At that point though, you could always employ many different solutions. A little air-cooled lighting hood, a swamp cooler, more fans, or a better blower are all methods you can use to get better cooling.

In terms of the carbon filter, this kit does include one. It’s standard. Seems like it will do you well for a few grow cycles no doubt.


Although small, this tent is actually really quality. It’s got nice stitching around everywhere. Double-stitched and really tightly threaded. Everything seems to be put together very well. The zippers look pretty standard, but they do look heavy duty, zips up and down just fine.

This tent in particular is 6 feet tall, so that gives you more than enough space to mess around in there. Also gives the plants a lot of space to grow upwards if that’s what you’re looking for.

The tent is made completely of metal, with fully welded corner pieces. It is very sturdy, got no shake to it, even with weight hanging off the top.  


Overall, this tent is a little better than all the other Chinese stuff you see over here. It’s still made in China but it’s got some kind of oversight in the quality department for sure. At least for the tent, it’s solidly made and everything is in order.

The blower fan on the other hand is pretty basic – can’t really guarantee anything with that. It’s only 200CFM anyways, so you might want to replace it in a year or two if you want something more serious.

The light and all the other miscellaneous items are pretty quality though. I don’t know why they threw in this blower fan, that’s really the weak point. Plus, they could have at least given a 250-300W HID to be honest.


Pretty decent functionality all in all. The resources they give you are pretty limited, only good for like a grow. Still though, it’s good to have all of it on hand at the same time, and then go buy more as you go along.

The tent’s got a few vent holes with the double socks. They are good at keeping the air flow going and the tent under negative pressure. The 200CFM fan, although it’s not the most powerful, still does a decent job at exhausting this tent quickly, since it’s such a small size.

The HPS light is functional for 2 plants, you’re stretching it with three but it can be done I suppose. This is a beginner’s kit, so you can always get more if you feel like going harder with growing.

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In conclusion, this 2 x 2 grow tent setup is pretty good for those looking for a quick solution to their growing needs. It’s got just about everything you can imagine except for the seeds, and will get you going on the right track.

The only disadvantage is the weak bulb it comes with, but if you want a 2×2 tent, 150W honestly isn’t that bad. I would still want it a little bit stronger, but I also want a bigger tent than 2×2, so that’s just me.

For what it is, it’s great. Gets you going, and you can always add to it later. There’s really nothing else that offers you a full package solution like this one does.

BloomGrow 300W 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

I really like this setup because it’s got a pretty interesting lighting solution. The light looks like some kind of flying saucer, is completely passively cooled, and also emits quite a respectable spectrum of light. Pretty neat lighting solution for a small 2 x 2 grow tent setup.

In addition to the sick lights, you get a whole bunch of cool gear – trellis netting to manage your weed, trimming scissors, a light timer, hydrometer, ratchet strapping, and a comprehensive ventilation solution. All of this gear fits together quite well to make a nice 2 x 2 grow tent setup.

Other than the light though, it’s pretty standard. Unfortunately, it’s got some of the crappiest corner pieces I have ever seen on the market. People think it’s decent, and I do have a tent with these kinds of corners which has held up for years, so whatever.


Starting out with the strongest point yet again, we got this lighting array. I must say, it looks really cool, quite a special little piece of technology. It’s got no fans, just a bunch of fins which are supposed to cool the whole LED array passively. It works alright – still gets hot, but nothing too intense.

300W isn’t very powerful when it comes to an LED array to be honest. You could be able to grow 2 plants with this easily, three would be a stretch. Though, if you were dedicated you could upgrade it yourself with either another little LED panel, or some CFL bulbs – some people love using those.

This light is a good starting point to help you get the hang of growing. After a few grows though, definitely add something to it – like a 600W panel, then you’ll be cooking with propane. That would be 900W in total.


In terms of ventilation, it’s the standard kit that most of these tents come with. Still 4” ducting – no surprise there – comes at 189 CFM. Even this though is honestly overkill for a tent which is so small. A good additional investment would be a fan controller, which you can get for like $20.

This way, you would be able to slow the contraption down to save energy, suck less air out of the tent, and be less noisy. Thankfully though, because the suction is so strong, that enables you to upgrade the lights in the future and still be able to evacuate the heat.

The carbon filter is standard – it has the 1050+ virgin charcoal, packed to 1.5”, just the typical package. The grains are pretty big, so you know it will only last like 3-4 grows though.


The tent is of a decent quality I suppose. The only thing which really disappoints me about the whole setup are the plastic corner clips. Those are just pretty much garbage. At least all the other tent companies reinforce their plastic corners. These ones are just the bare minimum.

For such a small tent though, I suppose it’s alright. Just remember, I wouldn’t really put anything else on the roof than what already comes with it. Hanging another LED array might be alright, but that’s all you should do.

Everything else is pretty standard though. The zippers are some kind of generic heavy-duty brand. They do the job pretty well, but I wouldn’t start tugging on them or anything.


In terms of quality, it’s about as good as all the other ones. The light design does seem to keep itself quite cool, even with the completely passive cooled design. The frequency coverage is very nice, and the lights seem to shine pretty bright.

The tent overall – regardless of the horrible corner pieces – seems pretty stable, as long as you make sure not to over-burden it. The outside is basically the same as any other tent – little pinholes here and there like most other tents.

If you need a quick package which offers a nice lighting solution for a cheap price, you might want to consider this. It will get you through a good few grows, and then you can decide where to go from there.


Functionality is there, basically what you would expect from a generic 2 x 2 grow tent setup. The light is nice and bright, but I would not do any more than 2 – 3 plants at one time. Any more than that, and you’re just losing out on yield from all the other plants.

There are only two ventilation slots, so you can’t do too much with this tent except for basic air exchange. The slots are 7” in diameter, which is about all we will need for a 2 x 2 grow tent setup.

You won’t need much more than this though, it’s a very functional setup. Just get yourself some soil, pots, and some seeds, and you will be mostly good.

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If you are looking for one of those stealth little 2 x 2 grow tent setups, this might be it. Pair it with a fan speed controller, you’ve got the completely silent fan, quiet inline fan with reduced speed, and your grow can fit in the closet.

This kit will get your going along your growing journey, and there is still room to expand upon it later on should you feel the need to do that. Another 600W LED in here would be perfect.

GreenHouser 800W 2 x 2 Grow Tent Setup

This is a pretty cool 2 x 2 grow tent setup here. You get an extremely powerful 800 W COB LED setup, and a whole bunch of really nice tools which you will need to grow some good weed. This tent has the strongest light that I have reviewed on this page. It’s hard to find a supplier willing to throw an 800W LED into a 2 x 2, it’s pretty powerful.

As such, you will definitely get a lot of high-quality bud if you decide to grow in this worthy 2 x 2 grow tent setup. That 800W is honestly good enough to grow a good 4 plants, if you can manage to fit that amount in there.

This amount of juice really gives you a lot of cool possibilities, like keeping a mother, and multiple other plants at the same time, or other interesting setups.


This light array is quite powerful. It comes with 4 separate LEDs, which each output 200W of light energy. This is good because the separation allows them to reach a more even area of coverage. Also, since the diodes are separate, it is also easier to cool them all.

If you check the wavelengths emitted, you can see that it has a very nice range of frequencies. A lot of it is concentrated in both the blue and the yellow/red range, which is perfect. That means this one LED panel will take you through both vegetative and flower state just fine.

There are fans inside the lighting shroud keeping all the electronics cool. This does add a little bit of ambient sound to the grow, but it also removes heat from the diodes directly. Overall, the lights are the most powerful part of this growing solution.


Once again, we get the same inline ducting fan that all the other ones have had so far more or less. It’s 190 CFM, 4” ducting, with 4” flanges on all of the ventilation equipment so it all fits together. It’s a good solution – the perfect solution for a small 2 x 2 tent right, so why change it?

That being said, nothing makes this ventilation pack shine out from among the rest unfortunately. The carbon filter as well, is the same generic filter that all these other grows are offering. Might last you a good 3-4 grows, but maybe not much more than that.


Well, the structure and functional characteristics of this tent are OK. The corner pieces are plastic, but they are heavily reinforced, so they are already 2x better than the last tent with the 300W LED UFO array. Once built, the tent is strong, I would wage you could hang up to 35-40lbs from the roof.

Once everything is set up and the blower fan let to run, negative pressure is reached and maintained with relative ease. Everything works together quite well. The zippers seems to be heavy duty, they generally go up and down without much hassle.

There are a few of those rectangles along the bottom for air flow, and two ducting seal holes. The holes have single chamber seals.


For the money, it’s a really solid quality tent. Everything works quite well, and the light is exactly what you would imagine it to be – 800W of power. This thing will definitely stand out from the rest just for that reason alone.

The COB LEDs are pretty nice too because they evenly distribute the light power. They keep themselves nice and cool by having fans under the shroud and being physically separated from one another.

The stitching on the tent is good, double rows, but there are some glitches here and there which can be noticed.

Overall, not a bad quality – what you would expect for a tent like this.


With this intense 800W LED and the 200 CFM blower fan, you have a good basis for a pretty strong tent. You could fill that whole 2 x 2 with dense nuggets of weed by the end of a plant’s lifetime. This is definitely a good 2 x 2 grow tent setup to get you started off really strong.

Although there are only two main ventilation holes, I doubt you will really need any more for this application. There are some nice big rectangles along the bottom in case you need more fresh air flow.

The utilities of the tent – zippers and seals – are decent, seals could have been double chamber, but it still holds a good air pressure regardless, so maybe it doesn’t matter so much.

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Well this has been another one of our featured 2 x 2 grow tent setups. This is a pretty nice one – definitely a very powerful LED setup considering that this is only a small tent. Probably one of the most powerful all in one 2 x 2 grow tent setups you will find to be honest.

It’s pretty durable as well. I would be lying if I said the quality was top notch, but you get what you pay for, and this is pretty cheap all things considered.

That being said, this package is good at what it’s trying to do – provide a strong starting point for those who want to grow in 2 x 2 tents.

If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, take a look at the next one. I have designed my own 2 x 2 tent setup package, and I will showcase it for you guys next, it’s exciting.

TopoLite 600W 2 x 2 Growing Tent Kit

This growing kit is interesting because it is only 4 feet high, but comes with an intense 600W LED array. Put that together, and you have a lean green growing machine. This thing can easily fit in your closet or anywhere else, and is sure to deliver primo crops with that nice light.

Given the height, you might want to grow auto flowers in this one, or you will have to at least do a bit of low stress training to prevent them from getting huge.

So, if you’re looking for a little 2 x 2 growing tent setup with small footprint and big balls, take a look at this.


This is definitely the center piece of this 2 x 2 growing tent setup. You got a full spectrum 600W LED panel. It’s a decent light, there are fans inside the shroud which cool it down. It does make a little bit of noise, but it’s not that bad.

This 600W will be good for 3 plants, maybe 4 if you want to push it a little bit. The light stays cool, and the ventilation included is more than enough to evacuate all the heat created.

You can see that there are yellow, reds, blues, and what seems to be ultraviolet diodes on this LED panel. It’s definitely got a wide array of capable frequencies – not a bad light.


Pretty standard ventilation package for a tent this size. Everything in this package has a 4” flange, it all fits together. The inline fan runs at 190 CFM, which is pretty decent – definitely good enough for a 2 x 2 grow tent setup.

The carbon filter is middle of the line. I’m sure it will last you a few grows. A good tip for these things is to detach them during the vegetation stage, and clean them in between grows. That way, you will get a long life span out of everything.


Standard 600D thickness canvas material with 96% reflective mylar interior. It’s a normal tent – a few light leaks here and there, nothing too major. The canvas feels pretty good in the hands, it’s thick – got some weight to it.

Unfortunately, this tent comes with plastic corner pieces – not the best for strength but it’ll hold up. I would say don’t hang any more than 30-35lbs on the roof of this thing, just to be safe.

There are two ventilation holes, 7” wide. Really doesn’t give you too much option for expanding the tent later – that’s really the bare minimum. 6” ducting would be the most you could use with this tent. I suppose that’s not bad for what it is.

The tent is probably the most solid part of the package – it will last you a few years, just take care of it.


The quality is decent I suppose. The tent and blower fan are really good quality, the light seems to be alright too. I’ve gotten reports of it lasting a long time, but I’ve also gotten reports of it breaking within 8 months. Not a bad timeline, but still.

Overall though, it’s one of the more well thought out 2 x 2 grow tent setups. All of the gear is meant for one another, and the whole package seems to be put together well.

However, this grow tent setup did take some shortcuts. All of the electric gear is basic and you shouldn’t expect immense lifetime and performance out of it.


Depends what you are looking for. Chances are, if you are looking at 2 x 2 grow tent setups, then this probably would be perfect for you. IF you don’t have any of this gear and have never grown before, this is a great kit to learn the ropes on, and even grow some nice bud later on.

Although there are bare minimum number of ventilation ports, you can still upgrade this tent with another LED later on if you want. This blower fan could easily handle another 600W LED, giving you twice the power as before, and resulting in dense flowers.

Quite a nice functional little setup for a good price, can’t complain.

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Overall, this 2 x 2 grow tent setup is pretty decent. Although it won’t blow your socks off, it’s a really nice little setup, especially for beginners. Everything in here is bound to last you a few good grows at the very least, with the light and fan perhaps lasting a few years.

Upgrading the ventilation is unnecessary, but the light could use some boosting perhaps once you do a few grows. It would be easy to add another panel. Great choice if you are looking for a competitively priced yet powerful growing tent solution.

Final Thoughts

Getting yourself one of the best 2 x 2 grow tent setups will put you one step in the right direction. Whether you are just getting started growing, or you’re looking for a propagation / cloning tent, these solutions are nice.

There’s something here for everyone – quick and cheap to professional and highly effective. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best 2 x 2 grow tent setups.  Let me know if you have any experiences with these products, and what you thought of them. Thank you for reading, and happy growing.

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