4 Best 8 x 8 Grow Tents

A great example of one of the 8 x 8 Grow Tents with an amazing internal setup.

Some of us want a huge grow room rather than just a little tent. It’s definitely go its upsides. You can go in there and interact with your plants easier. You can walk around them 360 degrees, make path ways in between them, store all your tools in there. The grow tent becomes a room of possibilities.

With these tents, having a grow room of your own becomes a real possibility. They aren’t all too expensive, especially considering how big they are. I have filtered out all the really crappy tents, and included the ones that I really like.

All of these tents have incredible capabilities to integrate the most sophisticated air exchange systems. Each of them has at least 10-12 air holes at least, some of them being upwards of 13” in diameter. This creates endless possibilities for future expansion.

Having a grow room doesn’t have to kill your bank account either. With these 8 x 8 grow tents, you will be able to set up a room of your own for the low low. It’s a great feeling walking into a grow room and just being surrounded by your plants.

If you’ve got a spare room, having one of these 8 x 8 grow tents is a great investment, because you can effectively turn a half or a quarter of any room into a nice growing section. Very versatile and low cost to make all your most crazy growing dreams come true.

We will start off with the best and most popular, working our way down to my least favorite.

One thing is common throughout all these tents however, they are all pretty damn good. You can’t really go wrong with any single one of these tents, it’s all about your needs and requirements. I’m sure that out of this list, you will find something which suits your particular conditions.

Let’s start out with the smallest, most modest tent, and end with the largest, most extreme ones.

Product Lineup

Gorilla 8 x 8 x 6'8" Grow Tent

Best in class as always, the famed Gorilla Grow tent, in its 8 x 8 glory. Enough ventilation holes and customisation options to get any kind of weed farm set up. Plus, the roof extends up to 7’7″!

TopoLite 8 x 8 x 6'8" Grow Tent

A good alternative to the Gorilla tent, you got one of the best grow 8 x 8 grow tents, the TopoLite 8 x 8. It’s got a few less ventilation holes, but it’s made quite well, people love it, and it’s a lot more affordable.

OppoLite 8 x 8 x 6'8" Grow Tent

Pushing in some pretty decent competition is this OppoLite 8 x 8 grow tent. Withe the full metal build, observation window, decent functionality and great price, this can’t be ignored.

Hongruilitie 8 x 8 x 6'8" Grow Tent

Finally, we have the last on the best 8 x 8 grow tents list. Hongruilite always puts up a fight, delivering a solid package at a great price rate, with quite nice customisation ability and decent build quality.

Gorilla Grow Tent 8 x 8

Gorilla is a good name, although perhaps a little bit overrated. People expect the world from these tents, and so any time something goes wrong, they rate it one star. Don’t expect it to be perfect, but these are definitely some of the best tents online.

That being said, let’s get into it. They have the height adjusting feature which allows you to lift the roof with the extension kit; pretty cool. Canvas is extremely thick, really nice and reflective inside. All metal structure, really nice and rigid.

Plenty of vent holes, comes with filters for the air intake to take out bugs. There are doors on both main sides, and also looking windows, for your convenience.


The structure is nice, all metal poles with all metal edge pieces, fully welded. They are painted white, feels nice. There are crossbars all along the top, and also bars running down the middle of the tent. This keeps everything nice and stable – no worries of it falling.

Shaking the tent does not produce a wobbling effect, so everything seems like it would hold up for years. All of the metal pieces clip together just fine, and building the structure is quite easy.


There are so many vent holes, it’s intense. 5 On either of the short sides, and then a few on the top. This creates endless possibilities. You could have like 4 HID bulbs in there, all of them cooled with air hoods, and still have ducting ports left over – insane!

They are all 10” diameter, so it can accommodate just about any kind of ducting you could imagine, even some kinds of insulated tubing.

The holes are both double sock sealed with the pull cords. They make a nice strong seal, maintains negative pressure.

Material Quality

The quality of these tents is really good. A lot of people complain because they expect perfection. Things still go wrong, it’s made in China, so yea, sometimes there are things missing from the boxes, whatever. They are really good with customer response time though, so that’s nice.

Once built, you can’t really complain much about this tent. It’s made very well, definitely a cut above the rest. The inside mylar is high quality, canvas is thick – no pinholes. Ventilation ducting holes are made well, seals tight.

All the structure is nice and rigid, fully welded. Plenty of support structures everywhere to hold the heavy canvas. The material quality is definitely spot on.


One of the most functional tents, with endless possibilities. The endless vent holes, multiple viewing ports, and bunch of rectangle breathing holes in the bottom mean you can configure it how you want. When you included the height-adjusting kit, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

As a grow room, this 8 x 8 grow tent is very functional. Coming in with a height of 6 feet and 7 inches, everyone can come in and stand up, as if it was a fully fledged room. The reflective material is great, but it’s good to set up additional walls to better contain all the light and shine it back.

More than enough room to fit multiple sections of plants, and a whole bunch of materials. Nice waterproof and durable flooring material in case something spill in there. Really nice.

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Well, that was a fan favorite, the Gorilla Grow tent, in it’s true 8 x 8 glory. Fantastic tent. If you’re going to go all out on a growing room, you may as well get something that’s really durable.

Think about it, you’re going to be walking around in there, causing probably a lot more abuse to the material than a normal tent. This thing will withstand the test of time. You can configure it however you want, and even pop the roof up by a bit should that time arise.

If you don’t want to pony up the cash, don’t fret! There is something for you here, I’m sure of it. Let’s go to something a little less expensive.

TopoLite 8 x 8 Grow Tent

Well, if you want a more affordable grow room, this is a great choice. These guys make some really competitively priced, and competitively made grow rooms. Bringing basically as much structural stability as Gorilla, this tent is nothing to smirk at.

In fact, the layout of these tents is very similar. The doors and ducting are basically placed at the same places, there is just one less duct per side. Also, there are no observation windows on this, one, so if that matters to you then it might be a deal breaker.


Definitely a grade down from the Gorilla grow tent. Probably the biggest grade down actually, out of all the different aspects of this tent. The corner pieces are made of straight plastic. Although, when you get all of it assembled, it is quite structurally sound, I wouldn’t try hanging as much stuff off the top.

Still though, I have seen way worse corner pieces. These ones are reinforced quite well, and I would assume that in all practical settings, they would fair quite well.

Thankfully, they do have instructions on how to do it, although it looks like a maze of numbers and cylindrical shaped objects. Honestly, you might just be better doing it yourself and seeing what happens. I’ll leave that to you.


The vent holes are pretty fair – there is a good amount of selection and variability here. There are 4 13” vents – HUGE – two on the top, and one on each side. Other than that, there are 4 11” vents, two on either side at the bottom. Then there are a bunch of electrical outlets, and two big rectangular vents per side.

All in all, quite a decent vent selection – definitely good enough to accommodate a wide array of setups. This tent is basically as versatile as the Gorilla Grow tent I reviewed just above.

Each vent comes with the double ventilation socks will pull cords. They stay tight, and do a good job at keeping the tent in a proper air flow range.

Material Quality

Although not as high quality as the Gorilla tent, it’s still pretty damn good. The outer cover is basically as thick as the Gorilla tent, and it looks just as shiny. They are both technically considered 600D thickness – standard for these growing tents.

The zippers are nothing to call home about – they look pretty generic and plain. They zip and unzip pretty well, and have the light-proof backing. They work pretty well, but not as quality as the Gorillas.

There are a few light leaks that I have found – but hey, the thing is massive, and it’s cheap. There’s only so much you can expect. It’s really not that bad though, a lot better than some of the other tents I’ve seen.

Overall, the quality is what you would expect – it works, it’s not bad. Should last a few years IF you take care of it.


Quite a nice little functional tent. If you are buying something strictly to be a cheap grow room, then man, this is a fantastic choice. Although it’s cheap, it still doesn’t cut corners very hard – this company makes smart decisions on the corners to cut.

All of the important features are still present, and in abundancy too. Dual chambered ventilation socks, heavy duty – albeit generic – zippers, diamond mylar, thick canvas, pretty functional.

That’s not to mention the very generous amount of ventilation, and how big each hole is – 4 13” holes! I’ve never even heard anyone using 13” tubing, but it would be great if you wanted to use like 10” insulated tubing – it would be perfect.

All in all, this tent is very modular, customizable, and comes in at a great price point.

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TopoGrow, with their famous TopoLite series really does the growing community a service with this fantastic 8 x 8 grow tent. Does pretty well at filling the shoes of the prestigious Gorilla growing tent, while still maintaining a very competitive price point.

You’re not sacrificing much by getting this tent, so it’s definitely a great choice. As a grow room, it functions very well, although I would expect the floor to be a little less durable than the Gorilla tent after enough time.

No observation windows though, sorry. But hey, if you want a cheap 8 x 8 grow tent with observation windows, take a look at the next item!

OppoLite 8 x 8 Grow Tent

Looking for an alternative to the TopoLite? Well check out the Oppolite. Although the names are remarkably similar, there are some pretty important differences between these two tents, and that’s why I’ve got it here.

First off, I know a lot of you like the observation window, so this one has got an observation window, but just one. A little bit of a letdown but hey, it is what it is. On top of that, the structure is a little bit better with full metal construction, but more on that later.

So, if you want something like the Gorilla, but cheaper, this is the closest thing, because it’s got the observation window. Let’s dive into details.


So, the structure, it is indeed all metal, but there is a catch. The corner pieces are not welded all the way through – only partially. So therefore, although it looks like this is the bomb structure, it really shouldn’t be trusted with carrying any more weight than the plastic corners should.

Aside from that, it’s pretty decent, the structure with the cover on is pretty sturdy – just about as sturdy as the Gorilla. At the same time though, I wouldn’t attach water jugs to these top bars or anything, just know the limits.


From what I can tell, the arrangement of these vent holes is exactly the same as the TopoGrow tent I reviewed just above. There are 4 11” vents, two on each side; 3 13” vents, one on the side, one on the top, and a bunch of miscellaneous holes.

Among these are the electrical outlets, and the multiple rectangular vents which surround the bottom of the tent. It seems like the holes only have a single sock vent with the pull cord, rather than two of them. This is a downside for maintaining your air pressure.

Still though, there is a lot of customization possibility here. Quite a few holes, good sizes, and you even get the observation window!

Material Quality

Well what can I say, it’s pretty average. There’s nothing too great about it, there’s a few light leaks – but nothing major. Overall, it’s a tent – got the 600D thickness, double stitched zippers which work alright and do keep the light in well actually. The inside is 96% reflective mylar, standard.

This is the kind of tent that you may want to treat with some care. If you do though, then I’m sure it will last you quite a while. I’ve got a tent like this that’s been kicking around for almost two years now, so it’s not that bad.

Everybody that I’ve known thinks that these tents are definitely worth the quality. You might see a few little defects here and there, but get yourself a roll of reflective tape, and you’ll go far.


I like the functionality of this tent. It’s a cheaper tent, but it still tries to be high class with the green tint observation window, and the all metal skeleton. And hey, it does a pretty good job. Although the tent cuts a few corners with the half-assed weld job, it’s still stable and very functional.

The ventilation options are vast and flexible, some very big vent holes on this one. Big enough to fit all kinds of applications you might dream up, and they are all over the tent too.

The zippers are decent, not the greatest but they are heavy duty though, not too bad. The crossbars allow you to put more weight on the top, they work well. The tent is a nice little unit all together.

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That was the OppoLite 8 x 8 grow tent, 6 foot high. Might not be the best selection for you out there who are above 6 foot. After 30 minutes in there, your back is probably going to hurt quite a bit. And trust me, you will be in there for a lot longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Other than that, though, the quality is decent, very functional tent with all the vent holes, doors, and one observation window. Full metal structure – although poorly welded. Also, unfortunately, only one ventilation sock. Makes a difference, especially with such a big tent.

Hongruilite 8 x 8 Grow Tent

Last but surely not least, we have the Hongruilite 8 x 8 grow tent. This company makes some pretty decent products, I like them – they are affordable and functional. This is the bare bones model of an 8 x 8 grow tent, and it is the most affordable model as well.

There is no observation window, fewer inlets and outlets, plastic corners, but does it hold its own? I would say yes, there is a place for this tent on the market, and it does hold its own. If you just want a very simple no bells or whistles solution, this might be it.

Although it doesn’t include anything sick, it does stand, and it does reflect light inside, works pretty well. If you are interested, let’s get into details.


In terms of structure, this tent is not the strongest competitor, but it honestly isn’t that bad. Take my main tent for example, it’s got corner pieces significantly less bulky and reinforced than these ones. Putting the structure together is easy enough.

It’s a little bit shaky on its own, but upon putting the outer sheathing on the skeleton, the whole thing seemingly hardens up. It is pretty stable, and I am saying that it’s more stable than my main tent – and that thing does me just fine.

So, although it’s not the coolest cat in town, it does the job, and is quite stable. I wouldn’t put any more than 30 lbs per cross section though. That’s not too bad, really that could be 2, maybe 3 HPS lights.


It seems like this Hongruilite 8 x 8 grow tent actually has basically the same ventilation configuration as the OppoLite that I reviewed before. It’s got the 3 13” vents – two on top, one on the side – and then 4 11” holes, with two on each side.

To compliment that, there are 6 of those rectangular cutouts around the bottom, giving you plenty of ventilation opportunity.

Unlike the OppoLites, these ones actually have the double ventilation sock chambers. This is really good for a big tent like this one – to keep the air flow going, holding a negative pressure.

All in all, this tent keeps up in the sense of ventilation with the other tents, except for the Gorilla one.

Material Quality

The material is just about as good as any other – 600D thickness with 96% mylar reflectivity rating. There might be a few more light leaks than the other tents, or maybe not. I can definitely see a few on this one, but it’s about average.

They are good tents for sure, the stitching is still nice, double stitched for additional security and air tightness. Easy to set up and take down, move around. There might be a few light leaks here and there, but that’s probably the worst you will find with this tent in particular.


About as functional as the other ones, minus the viewing window, which this one does not have unfortunately. Also, the plastic side clips might make it seem like this tent is less functional, but it’s really not. Maybe if you compare it to a fully welded metal corner piece, but a partially welded on has about the same strength I’d say.

This tent still keeps up in the ventilation hole department, providing abundant vent holes, with massive diameters. You can set up all kinds of air exchange systems on this one and still probably have room to dream up more.

There is definitely plenty of functionality with this one, and at a killer price I might add.

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Last is definitely not least, you know what they say. This Hongruilite tent definitely holds up its own, creates a pretty nice 8 x 8 grow tent experience for beginners and advanced growers alike. Whether you’re using this to create your first grow room, or you’re creating another area to experiment with, this is a great product.

Comes in at a good price, but still delivers all the goodness you would expect from a standard tent, and then some. The dual sock chambers are good, and although the structure includes plastic, it is reinforced. Overall, not a bad setup whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

Although some might think that an 8 x 8 is overkill, there have been some really neat configurations in an 8 x 8. You could segment it off into variable size partitions to do propogation or cloning or veg or flower, all in seperate little rooms.

This, and even more can be done in one of the best 8 x 8 grow tents. Having one of these really gets you immersed in the experience, as you walk along the rows of plants. 

It’s something to consider if you have a lot of space, and you think a grow room is for you. Thanks for reading guys, have a good one!

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