Top 5 Best LED Grow Lights

Check out this cool panel, an example of the best LED grow lights.Getting the best LED grow lights is important to maximizing the yield of your plants. Not only that, but to make a good return on the investment of your money.

While some panels out there might be super cheap, they also might have a very poor wavelength distribution, and would not “feed” the plants properly.

Another more expensive panel would have a broader frequency range, and feed the plant better, resulting in denser, stickier buds, and faster growth.

For these reasons, it’s important to look out for the best LED grow lights, and make sure that you are getting quality.

Below, I’ve got a list of the five most reliable, or otherwise noteworthy LED panels you can find on Amazon. Each of these is a good deal in one sense or another, depending on what you are looking for.

If you need tips on how to choose the best LED grow lights for you, keep reading until after the reviews.

#1 Best LED Grow Lights - Mars Hydro 2000W

If you’re looking for pure output and raw growing power, take a look at this product over here. This is definitely the best LED grow light for durability and power output. Mars Hydro is a big name, quality product. You can tell that it’s high quality upon holding it – very solid, made with great materials.

It’s able to be dimmed individually, since there are two adapters controlling two panels respectively. It’s combined into one unit. This is cool because you can have one side more or less energized than the other side.

The aluminum hood is great for pushing all the light right at the plants and not wasting a watt. Also, the spectrum of light is quite impressive. A lot of red and yellow, and then a huge spike in the blue. The full red and yellow will offer a great resin production, and dense nuggets.

A lot of people think that fans are necessary, but actually if you make it passively cooled, then that’s actually a much better design. When a panel is made with fans, and the fans die, the panel overheats. When a panel is made without fans yet stays cool, it’s prime.

The fan-less design also makes the panel much more efficient – only 300W consumed by 684 LEDs. Not to mention how quiet the whole operation stays.

Last but not least, the diodes are actually top of the line Samsung LEDs, delivering very good results. I trust these LEDs to last a long time, work at peak efficiency, and output some quality light. The whole panel was made very well, this is definitely the best LED grow light on the market.

#2 Best LED Grow Lights - Bloom Plus 1000-3000W

This Bloom Plus panel is really impressive, it’s a great low-budget alternative to the #1 Mars Hydro panel; I’ll tell you why.

They feature the same kind of super high-quality Samsung LEDs to create light. Therefore, they both share the same wavelength distribution, which is very broad and is perfect for both flowering and blooming.

At the same time though, it’s super inexpensive! On top of that, it’s actually made very well, with a nice water-resistant rubberized coating applied to the surface of the LED array. Everything is fan-less and completely quiet, the whole thing is cooled passively.

The 1000W model definitely gives you one of the best bangs for your buck, that’s for sure. For a smaller 2×2, or 2×3, you can easily get away with just one of these. For a 4×4, the 1500W version will do just fine as well, also coming in at a very decent price.

To my surprise, this thing is also dimmable, with a screwdriver applied to the side. It is easy enough to do, cool feature.

Everybody loves this light, I love it too, take a peek at what other people are saying about it on Amazon, don’t trust me. For the price point, it won’t be beat! Fantastic light production too.

Much like the Mars Hydro panel, this one comes with a 30-day return guarantee, and a 3 year warranty. That’s pretty intense, but these LEDs have been known to last for a very long time. I trust this product to last multiple years.

#3 - Philzon 600 - 1200W LED Grow Light

This option is the most popular, and for good reason. It’s a very affordable model, and it gets the job done. Even the 1200W version is very affordable, yet still delivers a decent experience.

The wavelengths are not very broad, in fact it only operates in two very specific bands, and you toggle between them with the veg / flower switch. This works quite well, and gets the job done, but I do like to see a little bit of a broader spread.

Cooling the panel is an array of fans, they work well and don’t get too loud, but they can be heard. It’s nice to have the fans built in, ensures for the longevity of the panel.

Last but not least, the customer service from this company has had a very good track record. People hear back very quickly, and they are quick to make things right when it’s necessary.

Overall, the results from this light are nice. Make sure you remember to switch it between flowering and veg or else you will get some very subpar flowers.


I would recommend this to people who want a low-cost lighting solution which still delivers good results with durability and prompt service. 

#4 - King Plus 600-1200W LED Grow Light

Another very popular option on Amazon, and for good reason. Definitely one of the best LED grow lights, coming in with a very nice broad-spectrum light, a durable casing, quiet and effective fans, and even an affordable price.

Although it’s a little bit more expensive than the Philzon, it produces better, fuller spectrum light. There is still a button on the side to switch the wavelengths from veg to bloom or the other way. The difference is that each mode will produce a much broader array of light, as you can see by the picture.

Aside from light quality, everything else about this light panel is actually very impressive. It keeps itself very cool (between 50 and 60 F), and the fans which cool it are very quiet. Equipped with an aluminum heatsink, everything stays cool and efficient.

Efficiency is definitely key as well, operating this light doesn’t cost much, but still outputs a lot of very quality light.

Although it’s quite inexpensive, I’ve heard reports of these panels lasting for years. Also, much like the Philzon panel, King Plus offers some quality customer service, especially if you are still within the warranty period.

Overall, very good panels for the money, super cost effective and convenient to work with.

#5 - VIPARSPECTRA 600-900W LED Grow Light

Another very well-rounded option is this VIPARSPECTRA panel. The coolest thing about this one is that it can be daisy chained, so adding additional panels later is super easy. You can link up to three of them together, getting a maximum of 2700 W.

The top model is definitely a bit more expensive than the other options, so is it worth it? I feel that the construction of the panel itself, and the much broader array of actual LEDs that the panel uses is very impressive.

Coming in with over 12 different kind of LEDs, the spectrum of light coming off this panel is quite broad. There are switches which focus the light into either the veg – blue light – or the flower – red light.

I think this is definitely one of the best LED grow lights out there. They have a 3 year warranty should the individual diodes fail, and a 30 days money back guarantee. That’s pretty impressive, three years is a long time.

Consider this if you want a step up from the prior two panels. This one is just a little more sophisticated, and has been proven to produce some really quality bud.

How to Choose the Best LED Grow Light for You

Well, chances are, if you are looking at the best LED grow lights, you want something energy efficient, light, but still capable.

All of the panels that I’ve reviewed here meet all of those specifications, but some are better than others. I personally always prefer the Samsung diodes, some call them quantum board LEDs – they are probably some of the most capable LEDs you can get on the market.

The LEDs which produce a purple light are generally not nearly as good as the ones which produce more of a white / yellow light. Purple LEDs are kind of a sign that they are of a lower quality, and generally don’t product the best wavelength spectrums.

Therefore, I would highly recommend either the Mars Hydro, or the Bloom Plus panels. The first one is for applications which need a lot of power, and you are willing to pay an upfront cost. The second – Bloom Plus panel – has the same kind of LEDs, but comes in lower wattage, and also lower price point.

The rest of the panels are great for beginners, while the first two are for more of the serious growers out there, who are ready to maximize yield. Definitely the Bloom Plus and Mars Hydro are the best LED grow lights on this page.

If you guys would prefer one of the more popular lights, then the Philzon, King Plus, or VIPARSPECTRA models could be worth considering. They all emit more or a purple light, and so they are not really full spectrum. The VIPARSPECTRA probably has the best spectrum out of the last three LED grow lights.

The Philzon and King Plus panels are basically the same. Both are nice, they come in at different wattage points, and also price points, so you can compare those to get the best product for you.

If you want to learn more about different lighting solutions for growing marijuana, check out my Lighting Guide. It goes over wavelengths, light cycles, intensity, led vs hid, and a whole lot more.

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