How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is an art form. It’s a very expensive one to learn, especially when you are starting off with $15 feminized weed seeds. It sucks to lose a little seed, so I’m going to give you the top tips to ensure the survival of your future bud producing plants.

There are a few things you can do to get at least an 80% survival rate from seed to seedling. It really isn’t that hard if you have the right procedure, but the wrong one can give you survival rates from 0-50% if you’re lucky.

Don’t risk wasting your money, read this article on how to germinate marijuana seeds right.

Put the Seedling in Water

Get some non-chlorinated, nice natural sprint water or something. Make sure it’s not too hot, not too cold, and put your seeds in there. It doesn’t have to be a lot of water, but make sure that the seeds have their own space.

Place the container in a dark, but warm-ish place. You don’t want it to be cold, or hot, but warm is perfect.

At first, they will all float at the surface of the water. After a day or so, they will get waterlogged a bit, and you will be able to tap the seeds down into the bottom of the water. Only leave them in this cup for 36 hours or so. Sometimes 48 is overboard and will actually result in losses.

Place in a Wet Paper Towel

The next step in how to germinate marijuana seeds is draining the water from the cup, and placing the seeds in a paper towel, and folding it over.

Wet the paper towel so that it is nice and damp, but not dripping freely. That would be too much water.

Place the seeds one the paper towel, with some space around each seed, and then fold the towel over the seeds so that they are completely covered by moist paper towel.

Now, put them in an air-tight Tupperware container. This will ensure that the towel is going to stay moist. If it goes dry, then the seed will either die, or struggle hard to even survive.

Moisture is key during the whole germination process. It is key to maintain moisture in order to germinate a marijuana seed.

Once you have the Tupperware with the seeds wrapped in the towel inside it, put the container into a warm dark place, and wait.

Waiting for Tap Roots

In a day – or even less – from placing the moist seeds into the paper towel in the Tupperware, tap roots will show.

Some of the seeds will get the roots really quick, others will take a while, and yet others will never grow tap roots.

Wait until the roots are at least a quarter of an inch long, and then it will be ready to plant into soil, or whatever medium you like.

This part of the marijuana seed germination will take 3-4 days or so. You don’t want to wait too long, as after the tap roots get to around half an inch, they should really be in the ground.

Some of the stragglier seeds will take upwards of 4 days to sprout, might be worth waiting for that. Other seeds will be ready within a day or two.

If the paper towel starts to dry out in the Tupperware, then just add a few drops of water here and there to moisten things up a little bit. Make sure it doesn’t dry out, that’s the main thing when considering how to germinate marijuana seeds.


Once the tap root is out, planting comes next.

Before planting, water the medium a little bit, and let it sit for a good 30, 45m, maybe upwards to an hour, and then put the seed in there. Use nutrients or don’t the seed will have enough energy in it to make baby leaves at least.

Whether you’re using soil, coco, rockwool, or hydro, it’s all basically the same. For soil, coco, rockwool, make a little divot in the medium, and place the root downwards into the medium, seed side up.

Try to balance the little seedling alongside the inside of the hole, so it stands vertically with the root straight down. This will help it develop rapidly. Then, seal up the hole, making sure that the top of the seed is just below the top of the medium. Too deep and it might struggle to make the baby leaves.

Correct Environment

During this time, it’s important to keep the seedling very humid. 70% relative humidity is a nice, favorable condition to germinating cannabis seeds.

However, it’s also important to not drown the roots – mostly applicable in soil. Having too much water present in the soil will discourage the plant from creating a vibrant root system. The roots need plenty of air, and also a reason to grow out – looking for water and nutrients.

Therefore, try to keep the above-ground environment really humid, and the below ground on the dryer side, but not so dry that the seed dries out completely.

A great way to keep your environment perfect is by using a grow dome. These things will keep a very high humidity, and keep your medium aerated at the same time. Just spray water on the inside of the dome, place it over the growing seedlings, and it will provide the perfect atmosphere for germinating weed seeds.

Completing the Germination

After a good one or two days in the grow dome, the baby leaves should start showing themselves. This is when you can start to breathe a sigh of relief! You’ve just learned how to germinate marijuana seeds!

After this point, it’s pretty rare that a seedling should die. Make sure you keep it in a nice high humidity environment, like a grow dome, until it’s at least a week-old seedling.

You can add nutrients in small amounts to get the seedling growing quicker, but be careful.

Learning how to germinate marijuana seeds sucks, so don’t learn on your own. I promise if you follow these simple steps, you will get 80% survival rate, when done right.


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