How to SCROG

When growing in a tent, it’s all about maximizing your space to create the biggest, baddest kolas you can possibly grow. To do this, you need to use your energy wisely, by creating a wide, even canopy. This can be difficult to achieve with only low stress training and topping / pruning alone.

SCROG allows you to have much greater control over the way that your weed progresses. To maximize this technique, you need to learn how to SCROG.

What is SCROG?

It’s just a netting which is suspended above your plants, and you can weave it into the net as the plant grows. This allows you to forcibly separate branches from each other outward and away from the center. This in turn creates a canopy with large surface area, and also allows the light to penetrate below the canopy.

It’s basically a low stress training, but the netting is a vast and permanent fixture. This allows you to almost incorporate the plant into the net as it grows. It’s a lot easier to keep the weed growing exactly as you want it to using SCROG.

It’s flexible, heavily adjustable in terms of height, and makes the weed branches very easy to maneuver. Also, most SCROG kits come in pairs, the first one features very big holes, whereas the second one features smaller holes.

The first layer is great for roughly moving the branches outward and away from the center. The second layer of netting is for fine adjustment before the flower phase is initiated. Combining both together lets you get a very good control over how your weed will grow – and that’s how to SCROG.

Also, SCROG allows you to keep the plant height VERY low. This is fantastic for small grow boxes and otherwise low tents. You won’t be able to get such great results with such a low growing technique.

Downsides of SCROG

If you’re not operating in a very small tent space, SCROG might not be the way you want to go. It will force the weed to stay quite short most of the time, as you are really just prioritizing horizontal canopy growth over vertical growth.

This isn’t always the best strategy, but in a tent it’s usually super successful.

Even in a tent, if you are a seasoned grower, you can get roughly the same results or better without being restricted by the grid structure imposed by the SCROG.

For the beginners growing in a tent however, I think it’s very easy and important to at least try out this technique. You might like it, you might not, but it’s quite a nice tool in your arsenal. The great thing about it, is that you can easily unclip the SCROG and put it away.

Pictures of SCROG

Well, now that you understand the basis of SCROG and how to SCROG, let’s take a look at some pictures. It’s easy to understand when you see it.

This is a good representation of what a typical SCROG setup looks like. You can see that at the bottom, there is practically no foliage, yet at the top you have a thick, dense clump of leaves. It’s almost like a flower bouquet, and indeed that’s what it is.

Instead of pretty colors though, you get some nice juicy trichome laden weed. I think I would prefer that anyways.

As you can see by the pictures, just because you SCROG doesn’t mean you don’t have to still trim and prune the weed. IN fact, it’s definitely a necessity. Since the top canopy is going to be so thick, you really don’t want anything at the bottom.

For this reason, you will want to prune off most of the growth as the flower progresses, only to allow the top to expand outwards when it reaches a decent height. I would say that a decent height is anywhere from 1.5-4 feet. I like to keep my SCROG grows low and fat – no reason to do otherwise really.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about how to SCROG. This is a technique which really changed the way that I grow, and it taught me a lot about how to control your weed. It’s quite easy to accomplish really, and the netting is super cheap.

How are the yields? Well, it depends how you do it really. If trained properly, you will find that the canopy absolutely explodes with the densest, thickest forest of kolas. It doesn’t get much better in terms of yield really. Especially when you do this in a tent, there’s no way to get better results.

At the end of the day, it’s worth a shot. If you’re not getting the yields you want, try learn how to SCROG properly, and it will unlock the full potential of your tent.

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