Weed Plant Leaves Touching the Ground

I’ve seen people’s plants grow leaves which reach the ground. They ask me if this is normal, if this is what you want from a plant. I would say absolutely not. When your weed plant’s leaves are touching the ground, this invariably means you have not done the proper training on it when it’s growing.

Indica strains naturally grow to be quite low and bushy, so it’s easy to have this problem as a new grower. It’s also crucial to avoid. Having weed plant leaves touching the ground means you have not trimmed and pruned the plant correctly.

Ideally, you should have a plant which reaches upwards, with little to no growth around the base. If you let leaves grow around the base, they will be covered later by the canopy. No light will get to them anyways, and it’s really a waste of energy.

As the stalk is growing upwards, you want to be sure to prune the bottom branches so that they don’t extend outward. They are practically useless, and you need to focus on upward growth at the start of your growing cycle, not outward.

Grow up first, and then focus on growing out – developing a nice canopy. That’s how you will get yourself the least wasted energy, and also the fattest canopy in the least amount of time.

Plant leaves touching the ground for weed is also a big problem with watering. You will find that the leaves get soaked up in the water, and will eventually wither away from one disease or another.

Withering plant leaves are an invitation for other nasty diseases to kick in as well, it invites bugs. It’s a situation which really needs to be avoided. So, if you see plant leaves touching the ground with weed, it’s a no go.

Trim them up so they are at least a bit neater, and next time remember to not let the bottom of the plant develop to that extent. Keep it under control, this will keep your plant growing upwards and towards the light.

To fix this situation in other ways, perhaps try to tie them up to a SCROG net if that’s in use. Alternatively, provide other means of tying them up and getting them off the ground, like good old sticks in the soil.

This will not only prevent the leaves from sitting on the soil and in the water. It will also allow them to perhaps stretch out to meet the light. Try to train them up and out.

If the plant is still in its infancy, it might be for the best to just remove all the bottom branches altogether. It will have plenty of time to recover in the future from this, unless of course it’s an auto flower.

In that case, well, you kind of messed up to be honest. Autos only have a short amount of time to live in vegetative state, and those bottom leaves will never get dese buds or sunlight. Next time, make sure to prune and train your plants as needed.


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