Big Yield,
Small Space

With the legalization of weed becoming a reality in many places, growing is a lot more popular. Growing in a tent, or a grow box can be the most efficient way to get your personal stash with minimal investment. It’s all about finding the right tent to fit in your space, and getting the adequate lighting/ventilation for the job. Take a look around to discover your future grow space.

Why Choose a Tent Grow?

Growing outside gives fantastic yield. However, it’s seasonal, not stealthy, and less controlled. Growing inside offers a great balance of cost effectiveness, control, and stealth!

Small Size

Not everyone’s got a spare room to dedicate to growing. Get started with a small footprint solution such as a grow tent or a grow box. This way you can ease your way into growing without having to remodel a room. A smaller footprint also means more stealth factor, which is still often important to maintain in many situations.

Small Energy

Along with a smaller footprint, these growing solutions are easy on power. Of course, this depends ultimately on how powerful your light is going to be, and what kind. However, a smaller space generally needs less ventilation, heating, and light. This means lower electricity bills, and a higher payoff to investment ratio right off the bat.

Big Yield

Just because you’re growing in a tent doesn’t mean you’re going to get small yields. With the proper use of the products I showcase here, you can grow yourself more than enough. Tent grows are all about the most power in as small of a space as possible. This is hard to do, so I’ll show you how to get max yields in small spaces.

Passion for Growth

Driven by a need to grow ever bigger kolas in smaller spaces. With the experience I have gathered in my years of growing, I aim to showcase some of the techniques I’ve learned. It’s not really that hard if you apply yourself, so pay attention and have fun!

Growing is difficult, but when you do it right it’s extremely rewarding. Take your time and soak in all the information this website presents, you will be better for it!

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